What Is HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol))

What is HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)?shiv1367…

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It based on the Client-Server Architecture Model. For example, website needed of server hosting for getting user traffic in web browser.

So, The user can easily sends the HTTP request message to the server by a web browser to communicate with others.

The server, that having to sent resources such as HTML files and other content, or performs other functions on behalf of the client and returns a response message to the user.

The response message include completion status information about the requested by the user and may also contain requested content in its message body.

It’s essential to know “How We Access The Website In Internet Browser“. Because some time user’s lost data by the many of issues like a browser issue, server issue, developer coding issue, etc. You can check this blog to learn “How It Does Work In Specific Browser?”

Purpose Of HTTP Protocol

That’s a Stateless Request-Response Protocol. “Because of Every command executed as independently without the knowledge of any commands”.

The main reason for that command it is difficult to implement Web sites to react intelligently to user input. It is being addressed in several new technologies, including ActiveX, Java, JavaScript, etc.

That’s operated by exchanging messages across a reliable TCP/IP ( Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol ) connection. I already have shown that in the previous blog. You can check here about the TCP. 

HTTP client is a program for a web browser. That establishes a connection to a server to send one or more HTTP request messages. The HTTP server is a program ( Generally a web server ) That accepts the connection to a sub request by sending response messages.

You can see here now about many errors about HTTP Browser.

Errors such as 404, 503, can be quite frustrating. Especially, when you do not have any solution for that. These error messages Always get be much trouble when we maintaining the website. So, Need a quick solution for avoiding this kind of error. You can read this blog to avoid. See HTTP Error

An example such as, “404 Page Not Found Error” is a general HTTP code status. It means the Web server cannot find the page or file you requested. This means the webpage or other documents you try to load in your Web browser has either been moved or deleted.

The Web And HTTP

HTTP 404 Error Pages
website owner creates custom 404 error pages that will help users locate a valid page or document within the website. For example, if you land on a 404 File Not Found page error on any website. a custom error page will load providing quick links to on-site navigation and site search features to help you find what you are looking for.

HTTP Header Failure
HTTP header failure provides the required information about the request to send message information. That’s indicate between the user and server in specific web browser.

HTTP Headers
HTTP message headers are used to provide a resource or the behavior of the server or the client. For Example, Custom proprietary headers can be added using the X- prefix or others in an IANA registry. whose original content was defined in RFC 4229 (HTTP Header Field Registration).

IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority) also maintained a registry of the proposed new headers file.

HTTP Request Methods
The different operations that can be done by the GET and POST method for accessing web server or web page. GET method requests to the page when the POST method requests to the server. So, the POST method is much reliable than the GET method of user’s request. Because the server may be secured. But the page is always getting be random.

HTTP Status Response Code
The response codes indicate whether a specific request has been successfully done or not. That response are included in five class files such as informational response, successful response, redirection, client errors, and server errors, etc.

CSP directives– The Content-Security-Policy response header fields allow web site administrators to control resources for the user agent is allowed to load for a given page with a few exceptions. policies mostly involve specifying the server origins and script file till the endpoints.

Tools & Resources section– Helpful tools and resources for understanding and debugging.

How Browser Debugging Client Request

GET Method:-

Host: www.test10.com
User Agent or Browser Request: Browser request to Browser response (mozzila/4.0 Compatible, MSIE 6.0; WINDOWS NT5)
This is browser version of mozzila firefox for Windows OS (Operating System).

Step by step communication between client and server mention in the following figure.

A client (a browser) sends an request to the webserver
A web server receives the request
The server runs an application to process the request to the client
The server returns response to the browser or user
The client (the browser) receives the response

You can see here more

1) User Issues URL From a Browser

2) A browser sends a request message

3) Server mapping URL to a file or program under the documentary.

4) The server returns a response message by the Browser of HyperText Transfer Protocol/1.1 version

5) Browser formats the response and displays

Techopedia explains Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Although It’s simplicity greatest strength for browser. that is also the main drawback. As a result, the HyperText Transfer Protocol – Next Generation project has emerged to attempt replacing  HTTP request

That’s accepted to deliver much higher performance and additional features to support efficient commercial applications in addition to simplifying HTTP’s security and authentication features.

That browser request and response has been implemented by 1.1 version of HyperText Transfer Protocol. Which incorporates performance for security and other feature improvements to the original version of HyperText Transfer Protocol.


This is a secure version of HyperText Transfer Protocol known as HTTPS. This typically involves the use of an SSL Certificate which creates a secure connection by encrypted the whole file between the browser and the webserver. SSL Certificate has linked the whole file of the website to be encrypted. So, the user is unfair to access the HTTPS website.

This is typically used for security of websites where sensitive data is transferred such as payment details or login credentials. In recent years though HTTPS has been listed as a Google ranking factor and more and more websites are moving to HTTPS for that reason.

Because Today, google reliable on HTTPS instead of Hypertext Transfer Protocol. They always get to be secured user’s data on the browser of crome.

Whereas port 80 used for hypertext control protocol and port 443 used for hypertext control protocol security for communication. The port number is an identified process between two devices about where to place. You can see more about it.
What To Secure For Port?

Short Description

This is an important topic for anyone user who daily accesses the internet. Because this is a process which established when we use any website. But, the user is invisible from this process. Because they have not known about it.

HTTP and HTTPS is specially used for a web browser. That all process is made by the TCP and UDP. We already have discussed it in the previous session of the blog. You can check here
What is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

It avoids the vulnerability of the website like malicious code. That sends the messages to the browser if any user’s getting in danger zone. there’re many software tools for accessing a safe website like Quick Heal Antivirus Software.

It provides much security for many like payment gateway, vulnerability, malicious code, etc. see more about Quick Heal Antivirus

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What Is Software Project Management?

What is Software Project Management? – Definition

Software Project Management service managed by the project managers. They allowed the service like planning, scheduling, resource allocation, execution, tracking for software development.

You can see this article to What Resources Are Require To Make a Profitable Software. This article will help you to know about the Software Process. So, please be stay with us.

Introduction To Software Project Management

Software Project Management Process that’s requires multiple plans about testing, updating, and customer feedback.

Most Information Technology-related projects are managed in the agile style. It focuses on the pace of business and iterate based on the customer.

Feasibility Study

1) Requirement Analysis And Specification

Before developing any software, the analysis should be clear for software development. Like software cost, design, coding, maintenance cost.

These are important task. So, we require enough whole analysis. Therefore, we can implement profitable software by decent Analysis.

2) Design

The design should be like user interaction. Because of The making successful software, we necessary user interaction design.

It also requires responsible design. Because of 60%-70%, peoples are using mobile instead of desktop.

3) Coding And Testing

Coding should be easy to use. Because easy coding is difficult to read the code like hacking. Easy Coding is much helpful to understand about the specific software. So, It’s may create positive for peoples.

4) Integration And System Testing

We essential the many resources included in the development of the software project. So, we require integration to become a powerful software for industry.

Also, The need of testing to be careful about any error about How Strong Are Programming Code.

5) Maintenance

Software project management typically encourages product testing to find and fix bugs or error early. And adjust the end product to the customer’s needs and keep the project on target.

The software project manager is responsible for ensuring proper and consistent testing, evaluation and fixes are being made.

Project Planning

It will define the scope, allocate necessary resources to propose the timeline,

Also, delineate the plan for execution, layout a communication strategy and indicate the steps for testing and maintenance.

Leading: A project manager will essential project team to lead and assembler for software development. which likely will consist of developers, analysts, testers, graphic designers, and technical writers. This requires excellent communicated and leadership of skilled peoples.

That involves estimation server, characteristic of the project and planning. The project activity based on the estimation made.

The project planning is undertaken immediately after the feasibility study face. Its consists of following essential activity.

1) Estimation:-

Estimation of various measures like size, cost, duration, effort, etc.
Budget: Like traditional project managers, software project managers are tasked with creating a budget for a project. Then, sticking to it as closely as possible, moderating spend and reallocating funds when necessary.

2) Scheduling:-

After the estimation is made the scheduling for main power and other resources have to be developed.

Time management: Staying on schedule is crucial to the successful completion of any project. But It’s particularly challenging when it comes to managing software projects. Because changes to the original plan are almost certain to occur as the project evolves.

Software project managers must be experts in risk management and contingency planning to ensure forward progress when roadblocks or changes occur.

3) Staffing:-

Staff Organization And Staffing plans have to be made.
The staff serves the organization by indirectly supporting line functions. Staff consisted of staff personnel and staff managers.

Staff personnel uses their technology to assist line personnel and aid top management in various business activities.

4) Risk management:-

Risk identification, Risk Analysis, and statement planning have to be done
The Risk identification is a process of listing potential project risks and their characteristics.

The results of risk identification are normally documented by the risk register. Which includes a list of identified risks along with their sources, potential risk responses, risk categories, etc.

A Risk assessment involves identifying the insecurity in your workplace. You must Then, analyze this insecurity to determine if they present a risk. That could harm someone.

5) Miscellaneous Plan:-

This plan is like Serval other plans such as quality accurate plan, config management plan.

Configuration Management Plan to ensure its effective implementation by all projects and business change managers. Accurate recording of the test status is much important when the products from different projects combined.

6) Execution:

The project manager will participate in and supervise the successful execution of each stage of the project. This includes monitoring progress, frequent team check-ins and creating status reports.

How to manage a software project successfully?

A recent article in Forbes suggests that there are eight ways to improve the streamline for the software project management process. These eight suggestions include:

1) Take non-development work off your team’s plate to let them focus on developing
2) Motivating your team by sharing others’ success stories—like those of tech giants, which will inspire and excite your team
3) Avoid altering task once, when It assigned
4) Try to stick to the plan
5) Encouraging the organization by being organized
6) Streamline productivity through effective delegation
7) Get to know your team and build a rapport
8) Break down the plan and give them specific daily tasks

Software Project Management PDF

  1. Software Project Management  PPT

    2. Software Project Management PDF Notes

    3. Software Project Management Book


Software Management Concept Is important in any IT industry. Because You know that, To be a success in life, planning is essential for everybody.

Software Project Management is a crucial tool in developing a project. Thus, every company should implement it in its system.

Project Managers also need to take advantage of the effectiveness of project management software to ensure that the project. They are carrying it to become successful.

The tasks should be also utilized to complete their tasks on or before the set deadlines.

All Operational maintenance and handled through the Project Online service. Therefore, you no longer have to commit to that IT resources to tasks such as updates.

.You can see here more

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)



Fastest Programming With Assembly

email images

What is Email – Electronic Mail? Definition

Electronic mail E-Mail is a very old form of computer-based communication between two device.

You can see here “How Does E-mail work“. This article will help you with all the protocols which email used.

History Of Email

At the previous time technological, The computers were giant machines. People used dial-up terminals to access the machine. Each machine had held storage for multiple users to access each other. So, people’s found useful and unique ways to communicate with other people.

In 1971. The Ray Tomlinson. Who sent the first email a by using the ‘@’ symbol to the other system.

Over time, That’s changed and evolved like something else. There have sender and receiver info, a subject line, a message body, and attachments for email.

It’s not so easy to get it from client one to client two Communication. However, there’s an intricate process involved. It works behind the scenes to make it seem as seamless as possible.

Much ideas used to relying on email were important in the formatting of the document to transfer like image, text as well which is at the core of things like bulletin board systems for the worldwide web.

POP (Post Office Protocol)

POP stands for Post Office Protocol. It’s useful Because like a post office. You can catch pop for all of your mail. Then leave. You don’t require to stay connected and aside from leaving a copy on the server.

It’s a pretty offline and online procedure. If you don’t leave a copy on the server, it doesn’t require much storage or bandwidth either. You can use POP to caught the mail from several different inboxes on several different email servers.

The Post Office Protocol is a uni-directional protocol the information to travels from one place to another. Once you send the email to a client. It’s going to the client through its different statuses.

It’s fine if you only ever access mail from one place. Nowadays, that’s common to get email access from your mobile.

IMAP (Internet Mail Acess Protocol)

IMAP’s a bit smarter rather than POP. While POP can be considered like “client-side protocol”. The Internet Message Access Protocol was designed to work in a different way. That’s like “server-side protocol”.

Clients have two-way communication with the servers. All messages are kept on the server. So, multiple clients can access them.

When you check an email on your phone. That’s a mark for reading and during the next interaction with the server. That status is sent back.

You can keep a properly marked archive on your home client and on your mail server. IMAP also supports an offline mode. changes are synced with the server after next time you’re online.

You can configure IMAP mail servers to fetch mail from POP inboxes, which works really well if you’re looking to consolidate.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)

Such as physical mailbox, your outgoing and incoming mail is handled by two different types of servers. There’s really no discrimination towards receiving servers.

SMTP servers must have static IP addresses, and most Internet Service Providers block port 25. So, that the users can’t send mail themselves. Why? Because of the massive amounts of spam going away at our collective bandwidth. But the stuff of your MTA must be configured to filter.

You can configure your clients to use your ISP service by SMTP server in running of your own.

The point is that you need both a Message Transfer Agent and a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server to use email as each is specialized for what it does.

Email a Map

When someone, let’s say a spice seller, sends an email to the receiver, It has to have an email address like [email protected]

The email gets sent by the sender to an outgoing mail server through the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP server is your local post office. Which checks your post and address and figures out where to send your mail. It doesn’t understand domains, though.

The domain like IP address like “”. Then, It finds out if that domain has on “MX” or mail exchange servers and makes a note of it. This is like your post office consulting maps of where your mail going up and calling to the local post office.

The SMTP server, The message gets sent from the server to the target domain mail exchange server. This server is referred to Mail Transfer Agent (MTA.) It decides where exactly to place the mail.

It’s not connection-oriented in the network connection and also doesn’t need to be setup expressive for each individual message. Mail Server handles incoming and outgoing mail through the network connection.

Post Office Protocol ( POP ): server store incoming mail while SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) server relay on outgoing mail.

Internet Service Provider ( ISP ): ISP’s runs both the SMTP server and POP server for its customer.


E-mail is important part of communication between two devices. Because of Today E-mail is growing Up, Most Entrepreneur and Marketer used the E-mail Marketing Strategy to selling out the product.

The Demand of E-mail marketing going up. According to the search engine, Mostly products sold out by E-mail. So, Email is having more popular.

Email marketing is the best way to understand the people about the product. Because, there have many features for image, text, video, etc. So, It may work as well for all buyers and sellers.

CEO Biography

CEO Biography- Best IT Companies

Best IT CEO Biography– The Best Information Technology / Chief Executive Officer CEO Biography. You can know here about his/her carrer and life.

Sunder Pichai Biography

He’s born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India July 12, 1972. His Mother’s name Lakshmi Pichai and father name’s Regunatha Pichai and wife is Anjali Pichai.

Short Professional Bio

Sunder Pichai is the CEO of Google Inc. and still working there. He’s founded Google chrome in 2008. Since there, He’s become more popular among peoples. Also, got many possibilities after that like Gmail, Google Docs, Youtube, etc.

Today, billions of people’s using google and youtube also. Still growing. Today, Google Chrome has been No 1 accessed browser on the internet.

Sunder Pichai

Surpassing competitors like Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome also has other important products for business purpose like Chrome OS, Chromebooks, and Chromecast.

Chrome proved to be a great success like that’s allowed to solved the problem of the user’s query in Google search engine.

Sunder Pichai has become an internationally known following By the phenomenal success of Chrome. Which eventually became the No. 1 browser rather than yahoo and bing in search engine.

Satya Nadella  Home and Family

He’s born in Hyderabad, India August 19, 1967, he’s Indian-born business executive. Who was CEO of the Microsoft Company in computer software development since 2014.

Short Professional Bio

Nandella had grown up from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad. Also, got studied in electrical engineering at Mangalore University for Bsc in 1988. After moving to the United States.

He completed the master’s degree course in 1990 for computer science at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Then, went to work at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is styanedella-1.jpg

Nandella had risen through the ranks of Microsoft management. By 1999, he had been named as vice president of the Microsoft Central Small-Business Service. After two years, he became a corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions.

In 2007, he was elevated to senior vice president of research and development for the online services division. Which annually generated some $19 billion revenue.

Nandella had been also an executive vice president in charge of the company’s cloud computing platform. Which provided the infrastructure for such Microsoft offerings in the online search engine Bing.

The Xbox Live broadband gaming network, and the Office 365 subscription-based services.

Ginni Rometty CEO Biography Of IBM

Ginni Rometty was born on July 29, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois, like Virginia Marie Nicosia. Growing up outside of Chicago, She is the eldest in four sisters of the family.

Her parents divorced and her father left when she was fifteen years old. Her mother subsequently took on multiple jobs to support the family. While Rometty looked after the household in the evenings.

Short Professional Bio

1979–1990s: GM and IBM technical positions.

After graduation in 1979, Rometty went to work for General Motors Institute in Detroit. In where she had got responsible for application and systems development.

She joined IBM in the 1981 year as a systems analyst and systems engineer.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ginni.jpg

Initially working with clients in the insurance industry. She spent her first ten years at IBM as a technical solution.

In where, she had worked with the clients in insurance, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and health care.

In the 1990 year she started to sell. By the late 1990 was helping clients for Prudential Financial, Inc. with their internet features.

After, She joined IBM’s Consulting Group in 1991.

Larry Elison CEO Biography

Larry Ellison is the founder of Oracle Corporation ltd. Which has been the fifth wealth created person in the 2014 year.

Short Professional Bio

Larry Ellison born in the Bronx New York, on August 17, 1944, has single mother Florence Spellman.

When He was nine months old, Ellison had got pneumonia disease. His mother sent him to Chicago to be raised by his uncle and aunt. They had adopted Elison to destroy the diseased from him.

Elison Career

After high school, Ellison enrolled at the University of Illinois, Champaign (1962).

In where, he had been name of the science student of the year. During his second year, his adopted mother died, and Ellison dropped out of college.

The following fall, he enrolled at the University of Chicago. But he dropped out after only one semester.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Elision.jpg

Then Elison packed his bags for Berkeley, California, with little money, and for the next decade. He moved from job to job at such places as Wells Fargo and Amdahl Corporation. Between college and his various jobs, Ellison had picked up the basic computer course.

Finally, he got able to use as a programmer at Amdahl. Where he had worked on the first IBM mainframe system.

In 1977, Ellison and two of his friends in Amdahl colleagues founded Software Development Labs. had joined a contract based to build a database management system. In which they called named like Oracle—for the CIA.

The company had fewer than 10 employees and revenue of less than $1 million per year. But in 1981, IBM signed on to use Oracle.

The company’s sales doubled every year for the next seven years. Ellison soon renamed the company after the selling best product.

Oracle Corporation

In 1986, Oracle Corporation held its IPO (Initial Public Offering). But some accounting issues helped wipe out the majority of the company’s market capitalization.

After a management shakeup and a product-cycle refresh. However, Oracle’s new products took the industry by storm.

By 1992 the company was the leader in the database-management realm.

Natarajan Chandrasekaran CEO Biography

Natarajan Chandrasekaran is Chairman of the Board of Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Power, and Tata Consultancy Services.

Short Professioal Bio

Natarajan Chandrasekaran is chairman of the board of TCS. Since, there the holding company has more than 100 Tata operating companies with aggregate annual revenues of more than US $100 billion.

He joined the board of TCS in October 2016 and was appointed Chairman in January 2017.

Chandra also chairs the board of several group operating companies, including Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Power, and TCS. In Which, he was Chief Executive Officer from 2009-17.

The Tata group companies include 29 publicly-listed corporations with a combined market capitalization. That exceeded the US $120 billion at the start of 2017.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is natrajan.jpg

His appointment as Chairman after a 30-year business career at TCS. which he joined from university. Chandra had risen through the ranks at TCS to become a CEO. Has Managing Director of the leading global IT solution.

Under his leadership, TCS generated total revenues of US $16.5 billion in 2015-16 year and consolidated its position as the largest private-sector employer in India and the country’s most valuable company.

TCS has also been placed among the Best four most valuable IT services brands worldwide. Ranked as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes list category.

After this, he recognized as a Global Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute across in 24 countries.

Natarajan In TCS

Natarajan had an embedded culture of customer-focus and innovation at TCS.

In addition to his professional career at Tata. Chandra was also appointed as a Director on the Board of India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India.

In 2016. He has also served as the Chairperson of the IT Industry Governors at the World Economic Forum, in the year of 2015-16.

Natarajan is an active member of India’s bilateral business forums including the USA, UK, Australia, and Japan.

He has received many awards in his career

Business Leader of the Year at the ET Awards for Corporate Excellence in 2016

CNBC TV 18 – Indian Business Icon award in 2014

CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2014 (business category of IT)

Best CEO for 2013 and 2014 by Business Today group committee

Best CEO 2010-15 Institutional Investor’s Annual All Asia Executive Team leader

Natarajan has been awarded several honorary doctorates by leading universities in India and internationally. He attended the regional engineering college in Tamil Nadu.

In where, he completed a masters degree in computer applications. Before,  joining the TCS in 1987.

Born in 1963, Natarajan lives in Mumbai, with his wife Lalitha. They have a son, Pranav. Who’s currently pursuing undergraduate studies.


These are the best IT industry CEO Biography. Who has achieved lots in his/her career and maintained struggle while he/she had getting unsuccess.

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What is AI (artificial intelligence)? – Definition

AI is an Artificial Intelligence that’s making possible all the human thought to developing one beautiful machine. So, It’s makes more interesting to seeing of human view to a machine. Today, AI have more resource to develop small and large things such as the robot, smart-watch, smart car, and many significant electric things, etc. You …

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