10 Cyber Attacks To Prevent By Useful Step

Cyber Attacks is the major issue today for security especially for users and business owner. these attacks are increased up every day. let’s be some more about it.

Cyber Attacks examples like a keylogger, DDOS, water hole attack, fake wap, ever dropping, phishing, virus, clickjacking, cookies theft, bait and switch attack, etc.

Many Users do not care. Because they have not any knowledge about the attack, Hence nobody gets unsecured. I will describe some important security tips which will help you to be protected from that attack. So, be continue with us.

Cyber Attacks

List Of Types Of Cyber Attacks


Many attackers used this technique. They send fack messages or email to theft the information of us and try to achieve it by secretly. They investigate to the browser (which you’re using to access the internet) to our information. The attackers can target to our device or server.

The Keylogger Technique is captured saved data and key stock from the device by the cyber attacker. The Keylogger is a software or hardware device to target.

They can be monitoring our data by this attack (which user’s made daily activity). So, be safe ever.

DDOS ATTACK (Distributed Denial Of Service Attack)

The attacker made targets to user’s security like social security members, credit card data, and passwords. They try to achieve every single information about us and make the information as high. This attack is to online service. So Be guides aware by these’s attack.

The DDOS attack often does to theft secured data as an important file of us (which you used at online) or private data.

These cyber attackers target to the system by multiple malicious objectives and resources. This Result is often a compromised system. that’s called ‘botnet’. The DDOS attack often targets the hosted service on high- profile web servers such as a bank, payment gateway.


This is the ‘poison attack’ as we can say. Because They achieve a particular location by malicious things. This location is as physical and virtual at online work. The physical location may be as an IP address and the virtual location may be as a GPS system.

The Water Hole Attack is observed in which web sites often used by a particular user. The hacker focusing on web site with malware and getting more of a vulnerable target.

The vulnerability associated with malicious programming code.


The attacker can send fake wap to unprotected data and transferred it. That’s connected to the official public address and aims to the remote hosting and password on your own web sites.

The main purpose of hackers is a target to the router once they connected with it. They can change the internet connection for sensitive data and force the user to download a fake app onto their device.

This cyber-attack is very dangerous when you daily internet accessing. so be careful your self, thus you can get safe online.


The hacker may be monitoring the computer system and network. also, They only want information doesn’t damage the computer system or your network. It’s named as ‘ sniffing ‘ or ‘snooping’ attack.

They only have to likely information. They don’t matter to damage any software.

The Drop attacks suddenly fall without any consciousness and increase the risks of falling.


This Attack is the same as a keylogger. But the purpose of them is to take sensitive information from you like username, password,  contact number, email address. They targeted the online platform (which you access daily)

Phishing is a common cyber-attack. The Hacker built a scam web site and targeted to the user. They want to install various malware into your system. Therefore They can easily theft sensitive information from the device.


This’s a very common attack everybody knows about this attack. They target to vulnerable of our system and crash the system. The hacker flows the miscellaneous things to our device or system and aims to have more information from us.

It flows the poison with over system to the crackdown. This Cyber attack targeted to software and hardware program by malicious code and destroy.

They can track your software and hardware program from your computer or system. and changed the program by their malicious code. Therefore, they run the program by themself. So to be aware of this attack.


They focus on us what we are doing. They targeted to decent information (which we created at a particular place). Clickjacking Attack occurred at an online place. They use the tools to target the user’s reaction online.

The Clickjacking attack is named “UI redress attack” where The Hacker uses multiple transparent techniques to trick the user into clicking onto the button or text link. So The Hacker hijacking clicks on their page.

They also can use an invisible design to attract the user to click. The hacker uses this trick in large traffic or a group of users like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.


They having an aim to theft our cookies from our browser. So They use some injection tools to achieve it. The Hacker’s collected vast cookies from us and try the best cookies to reached till us.

This Cyber Attack can happen when we don’t clear cookies from a web browser. (which we’re using for internet accessing)

The Cookies Theft Attack occurred when the user has unencrypted data. This attack often maybe when the user accesses the internet with an unsecured wi-fi network, without antivirus. So for hackers too easy to carry out.


The cyber attacker’s fooled by using a fake link or web sites. They arrange an overwhelming reaction and can use fake email addresses, message or any pop-up windows online. So guides to keep away this problem and get be safe ever.

The Bait And Switch Attack is often when the hacker makes trustable information to fool the user. Once, The User downloads that malicious code.

They can access your device and track your activity performance and easily monitoring your device data.

Short Description About Cyber Attacks

To prevent cyber-attacks is essential when we are using the internet ever. So, We need to care for that. Therefore, we can keep safe ever.

Each cyber attacker uses this technique for theft the useful data. A 404 error is not a dangerous attack.

It only displays a message on one error page by the organizer or developer. So aware of this and make all is possible through you may have secured on any websites. So This’s Important to safely access any web site.

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