Best Tech Games Latest Version launched Recently

We know that technology has growing rapidly. You can follow this best tech games last version launched in recent year 2021. Best Tech Games For Recent Year 1) Pubg Mobile Lite  Pubg Mobile Lite latest version 0.20.0 is launched recently Nov 20th 2020. This version available for Android Mobile Phone.  Pubg Mobile Lite is same … Read more

Smart Watch Technology | Available Kids Smart Watch On Amazon

Smart Watch designed to help us achieve coolness while tracking fitness records, getting health check records. It’s helping us in more ways like sleeping time, follow up the daily routine, working time, traveled distance, etc. We can check out how many calories we burned, Our athletic activity. It takes measure more than as we expect. … Read more

A DBMS Makes The : Collection Of Data Set Of Program

database management system

A DBMS makes the collection of data or a set of programs to manipulate data stored in a database. that’s called database management system or DBMS. A database management system provides basic functionalities like storage manipulation or user of data. There are four major components of the database management system which form of the database … Read more

a phishing attack poisons a domain name on a domain name server

DNS is the Domain Name Server. That much essential for any device to connect with the server. Any device might be mobile and PC (Personal Computer). Domain Name Server is much needed to establish the connection between client and server. We can say that DNS is much important to establish the connection between the client … Read more

What is Programming Used For


What Is Programming used for – Programming like a computer language is a process of building a machine like a mobile phone, video camera, sensor, digital watch, battery, computer or laptop, all-electric thing, etc. The machine is dependent on code. So, computer language Is essential for developing an innovative machine. To develop the machine needs … Read more