Best Tech Games Latest Version launched Recently

We know that technology has growing rapidly. You can follow this best tech games last version launched in recent year 2021.

Best Tech Games For Recent Year

1) Pubg Mobile Lite 

Pubg Mobile Lite latest version 0.20.0 is launched recently Nov 20th 2020. This version available for Android Mobile Phone. 

tech mobile games (pubg lite)

Pubg Mobile Lite is same version as other battle ground game Your aim have to survive end of the game. There included lot of weapons, motor cars, and others equipment. Try to use it to won the game or defeat others. 

This “Lite Version” Allowed only 60 player as together. Previous pubg game allowed 100 players to play with.

That almost perfect with any mobile devices. This is more beneficial to play with less money. There almost 548 MB (Mega Byte) size. That is too much low than previous pubg mobile app game. The old publg mobile application has almost 1GB+ size. Almost 1 Billion peoples download the pubg lite mobile app game. 

Pubg is available in 44+ languages. It almost adventure type.You can download the pubg lite mobile game from here. Download this game

2) Dr Mario World

Dr Mario World is funny puzzle games. Recently, launched new version of Mario games. That is version of 2.2.4 which launched in date of 5 Jan 2021.

Dr Mario World

50 lacs peoples download the Mario World app worldwide. There has 95 MB size of the game. that is free game but some features has available to paid. The Advertising can appear in this game. 

Mario game is puzzle battle game. It’s very interesting to play puzzle with  friends. That mobile game is offered by Nintendo co. Ltd company. 

600 stages in this game available to play with friends or others. There has virus free. Yeah,  positive reviews has there. 

You can download this game from here. It’s game not allowed in India or others counties. You can see here if your country allowed this game. 

3) Pokemon Masters

The pokemon masters is the battle game to play with trainer and Pokemon with. 

Pokemon Masters

This game is evolved almost new adventures. 





There have enough 2 GB RAM (Random Access Memory) to play this game with your mobile device. Android OS (Operating System) 7.0 is necessary. There have no any guarantee that’s all devices supported. 

Almost 10 million peoples downloaded Pokemon master mobile game. It’s also same as Dr Mario World game. It is the free games but some features has paid. 

DeNa co Ltd company has offered Pokemon master mobile game. This game launched in date of 16 Aug 2019. There have updated at some times. 

This also allowed only for some countries. My be VPN can be access this mobile game if you want liked much. 


This is top best games recently launched for mobile devices. There has much positive reviews to play these games. It’s almost free virus. But, this games only allowed for some countries. May your country allowed this games. 

But, You can use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access this mobile games. There have risks Because some free VPN PLAN may be harmful. So, my recommend, Use VPN for paid plan. Otherwise, You can take risk if you want to play these games.

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