What are Rare Earth Elements inside Your phone?

What Are Rare Earth Elements

Your phone consists of precious elements and metals. These are important things in every smartphone to use – and these could endanger global climate aims. The smartphone contains around 30 different chemical elements and metals including aluminium, copper, silver, lithium and some gold. They have also used rare earth elements that are essential for renewable … Read more

As chip shortage starts to ease, factory-level fixes will take longer

Chip Shortage

The chip shortage having major issue for global electronic industries in recent days. Why Is There a Chip Shortage? Global Data’s Londan Office Research Analyst Joseph Bori says, the global shortage issue will be improving gradually. He caused the rest of covid-19 pandemic to factories outside China and slower consumer demand issued by electronic declaration. … Read more

What is EV? – Best Info Ever

What Is EV Vehicle

EV is the commercial electric vehicles. It’s a modern technology development. electric vehicle is getting better. But there have some issues. There has no well charging station and made issue of battery charging on ev stations. that’s report declared by car marketing research company J.D.Power Recently, one incident has happened that new electric vehicle is … Read more