Operating System | How OS Work In Mobile And Computer…

Operating System

Operating System is a way of communication of user and system on the computer. That’s managing the user activity in the computer system. That’s also helpful to direct interaction between software and hardware through a remote. The OS maintains the system application like games application and system software like command prompt on a desktop. Operating … Read more

Electronic Mail | 1 Useful Process Of Email

electronic mail

Email Definition– Electronic mail meaning E-Mail is a very old form of computer-based communication between two devices. You can see here “Uses Of Email“. This article will help you with all the protocols in which e-mail used. you can see this post as below. Be continue, History Of Email (Electronic Mail) What Is Email Service: … Read more

AI (Artificial Intelligence) – The best tutorial ever

artificial intelligence

AI is an Artificial Intelligence that’s making possible all the human thought to developing one beautiful machine. So, It makes more interesting to seeing of human view of a machine. Today, AI have more resource to develop small and large things such as the robot, smart-watch, smart car, and many significant electric things, etc. You … Read more

Neural Network | Human Brain Algorithm Using ANN…

Neural Network

Neural Network is a very effective human brain algorithm to lead with the science fiction by the math using a specific machine. Neural Networks Tutorial The neural network is to refer to science, engineering, and mathematics. Because that’s to be the target of the human brain in the machine. So, There’s require of science about … Read more

What is Machine Learning | ML Definition

Machine Learning | ML Definition

Machine Learning Definition – It is a way of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It’s a technique to send human information to the machine by machine learning Programming. You can see here about programming language. The ML is useful for building a large and small machine like a robot, sensor, and any electrical innovative machine. So, that … Read more

Theano | 1 Best Deep Learning Python Library

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Theano is a best deep learning python library that allowed for creating complex arithmetic expression function using the NumPy interface in python. The NumPy is the best computational multidimensional array structure in python programming. Available Important Features That is the powerful large scale computational python library investigated in the year 2007 and It’s upgrading during some … Read more