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Coding In Binary- It’s hard. Because in each type of coding, essential framework or editor. there have not any well-defined editor or framework for coding in binary. hex code can do. but, It has not developed a useful resource. But can say that, The assembly language is able to show the result in binary.

The Assembly is the preferred language for the binary results. that’s display result in binary by the assembler. The assembler converts the program into machine language or binary. that is in programming with 1 and 0 formats.

You can read this article to help you to understand more about binary using assembly language. So, be continue

Programming Optimization Tools

The availability of the right tool makes coding easier. the program development tools include the following.

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  • Text Editor
  •  Pre Processor
  •  Assembler
  •  Compiler
  •  Linker
  •  Loader
  •  Debugger
  •  EXE to COM Converter
  •  Library Builder


Binary Programming Optimization Tool

Text Editor

The Text Editor is defined as a software that allows the user to enter the program and modify the program. The editor provides a set of commands for insertion, deletion, modification of a single letter, statement, or block of the statement, etc.

An editor is basically a software for creating a program. It helps the user to create a file that contains the assembly language statement.

The work of the editor is to store the ASCII codes for the letter and number in the successive RAM locations. that ASCII code is like binary code (001, 0100, 1000).

As the typing of the program is over. the file stored on a floppy or hard disk. This file is called a source file and an ASM extension is given to it.

The source file is then processed the program coding in binary using an assembler. these editors are Norten Editor (NE), DOS Editor (EDIT), Nondocument mode of WordStar (WS), Visual Editor (VI), etc.

Pre Processor

Pre Processor is a software that translates a source program with macros and includes header file to the source file with the macros resolved and header files included in the source program.

Generally, pre-processors are built into the assemblers of the compilers. It is also called as the macro processor.

The preprocessor is built-in Borland’s Turbo Assembler (TASM). Microsoft’s macro assembler (MASM), High-Level Language compilers such as Borland C, Microsoft C, etc.


The assembly produces the output as a relocatable object code. It reports program errors during translation.

Each assembly level instruction has a mnemonic. For example in the instruction MOV, BX, DX the letters MOV represents the mnemonic.

An assembler is a program which translates the program for IBM-PC are:
1) Microsoft micro assembler (MASM)
2) Borland turbo assembler (TASM)

Assembler Operation

The assembler first sends the source file of the program. then it determines the displacement of data items, offset of labels, etc. and puts this information into a symbol table.

Then, It produces the binary codes for each assembly language instruction and inserts the offset, etc. calculated earlier.

File Generation In Assembler

An assembler generates two files namely the object file and the assembler list file. the object file is given extension .OBJ whereas the assembler list file is given extension.LST

Object File: It contains the binary codes of the program instruction and the information about the addresses of instructions.

List File: It contains the assembly language statement. The binary codes for each instruction and the offset of each instruction.

Any typing or syntax errors are indicated in the assembly listing if we take a print out of.LST file

Error Detection And Correction

The assembler is capable of only finding the syntax errors. to check if our program is working. we have to test and run the program coding in binary. the errors indicated by the assembler should be edited using the editor. this edit-assembler loop should be executed till all the errors are corrected.

Assembly Program

once the program is written. it can be assembled to obtain the OBJ (object) file by executing the MASM or TASM assemblers.

It is necessary to mention the assembly language program file name along with the command as shown below.
MASMor TASM>filename . ASM>

if there are errors then the assembler generates error messages. These errors are listed along with the line number.

In case of no errors, the OBJ file is created. In order to obtain.EXE file, the user will have to link the.OBJ file with the linker.


A compiler is a software that translates high-level language programs to equivalent object code in a relocatable form. the compiler produces the output as a relocatable object code.


A linker is a software that combines relocatable object program modules and binary functions into an executable file. It combines library functions referenced reports linking errors if external symbols cannot be resolved.

when a program is being written. it is always advisable to break it into small modules. So, each module can be separately tested and debugged.

Then, they finally link their object modules together to form a large working program. for example, the display routine can be kept in the library codes for all the combined modules.

The Linker produces the display routine which contains coding in binary for all the combined modules. The Linker produces a link map file. It contains the address of all the linked files.

It is important to note that the linker does not assign absolute addresses. It only assigns relative addresses to the program starting from zero.

It is relocatable. The linkers with MASM or TASM produce link files with.EXE extension.


The loading of the program is in the main memory. The operating system shell functions as a loader. The MS-DOS shell COMMAND.


The process of locating and correcting an error using a debugger is known as debugging.

A debugger executes the object program generated by an assembler or compiler with debug options. The debuggers that facilitate program debugging at the source with debug options.

The debuggers that facilitate program debugging at source level are known as source level. debuggers provide a single breakpoint and program tracing facility.

Software tools that are used to detect the source of program or script errors.

The debugger is basically a program which permits the user to load object code program into the system memory, execute the program and debug it. we can use the debugger to check and correct the program coding in binary until all the errors are corrected.

More powerful debuggers such as Borland’s Turbo Debugger (TD) or Microsoft’s code view debugger are available.

They make the debugging easier and allow the user to see the contents of registers and memory locations as the program is executed.

EXE TO COM Converter

EXE to COM converter is a software that converts executable files (EXE) to a command file (COM). EXE to COM converters is Microsoft’s EXE2BIN utility. Borland’s Turbo linker with a tiny memory model option.

Library Builder

Includes a very frequently used function. The library builds are Microsoft’s LIB, Borland’s TLIB utilities, etc.


Binary is essential to learn to a machine about a particular thing. that’s called machine level language or binary language. But, it’s tough to read about coding in binary. that’s why the developer’s made other programming languages. that’s easy to understand and learn about coding and particular things in the programming language.


Some peoples are more confused about a kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, and terabyte. someone says 1 kilobyte=1000 bytes, someone says 1 kilobytes=1024 byte. in this case, mostly results depended on the framework and editor. Because we can’t estimate how the framework and editor calculated each code. So, that’s depended on it.

You can see here more about binary. the useful method of binary for calculation.

Convert Binary To Decimal

You can follow this table about how binary can be calculated

Binary To Decimal

Convert Decimal To Binary

You can see this table the conversion of decimal number to binary.

Decimal To Binary

Assembly Programming Coding In Binary

You can see this important program and its instructions. It will help you to understand how coding in binary. so, Be follow

You can follow this binary code lesson program as given below. this is the best example for coding in binary.

ORG 0000H #starting the source program
MOV P0, #00H #copied the location of 00H in P0 location.
DELAY #delay some time by default
MOV PO, #FFH #copied the FFH file location into PO
DELAY #delay some time by default

Thes Assembler has converted this program coding in binary or machine level language. You can see the result of the above code. This result is dependent on the address opcode of directories like AL (0110 1100), Not AL (1001 0011), etc. you can see the result as given below.


Binary Coding

This is coding in the binary format. that also called “Objective Code”. That result achieved by address opcode and address code. You can follow here address code and up to code of directories. see here

You can know here some more directives instruction and address of it.

ROR Instruction: ROR destination, count

This instruction rotates all bits in a specified byte or word to the left some number of bit operations.

The destination can be a byte a word. The number of shifts is indicated by count. if the number of shifts requires one time.

The ROR instruction address code is 10100011. then, left shift one time with 1. the result is going as 11010001.

RCL instruction: RCL destination, count

This instruction rotates all of the bits in a specified word or byte some number of bit positions to the left along with the carry flag.

The destination can be a byte or a word. The number of shifts is indicated by count.

The RCL instruction address code is 10101101. then, left to right shift with carrying flag 1. the result is 01011010.

RCR Instruction: RCR destination, count

This instruction rotates all of the bits in a specified word or byte some number of bit positions to the left along with the carry flag.

This destination can be a byte or a word. The number of shifts is indicated by count.

If the number of shifts required is one you can place 1 in the count position. if the number of shifts is greater than 1 then shift count must be loaded.

The RCR instruction address code is 10011010 then, the right to left sift with carrying flag 1. the result is 11001101.

Google FAQ

Is Binary A Coding Language?
Binary Coding is machine language. the assembler converts the source program into machine language or binary code. This is like (00011010, 10101010)

What Does 10101 Mean In Binary?
This is a binary number. that is converted in binary (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128). In there only 1 is counted. so, the first digit of the right side is 1 count, the second digit is 2 count. the third digit is 4 count. four-digit is 8 count. So, accordingly, the result is 21.

What Is An Example Of Binary?
The binary has displayed the result in 1 and 0 formats such as 1010.

What Is Binary Coding Used For?
The machine recognizes the result by a binary number. So, binary helps to understand the machine.

What Is C++ Good For?
C++ is an object-oriented programming language. we not essential to defined any code again and again. C++ is a well-defined programming structure. we can use one code in many times at coding.

What Does 1010 Mean?
The 1010 result is 10.

What Is Hexadecimal Code?
The hexadecimal code is in 16 digit binary like hexadecimal code of 1 is 0001H (0000 0000 0000 0001)

What Is The Number 73 In Binary Code?
The Binary Code of 73 Is 1001001.

Is Python Better Than C++?
Definitely, Python has many defined resources or libraries. C++ has less resourced. there has a limitation in C++ to create a program. Python has a large optimized editor.

Is Java a C++?
Not, But I can say that Java is the improvement of C++.

What Does 01101001 Mean?
The result is 105 in an octal number. the octal number is an 8-bit digit.

What Does 01110111 Mean?
The result is 119 in an octal number.

What Is 011 in Binary?
The given question is in binary already, we can convert it into decimal. as the result is 3.

What Does 01110011 Mean?
This is a binary number result. the results display in decimal like 115.

What Is ASCII Format?
The ASCII format is the 0 to 255 decimal number digit. It can show in a binary number.

How Do You Read Binary?
The Binary is displayed by the ASCII format like 0,1,2,4,8,16,64,128 and 254. this operation starts from right to left till the end.

How Do You Convert Numbers Into Binary?
Suppose, we have any random number 25. that is divided by 2. after the carry is show result. For example 25 by 2 the carry is generated like 10011. But, the carry evaluted in reverse like 11001.

What Is The Alphabet In Binary?
Alphabet numbers start from 65 to 90 is in Capital Letter like A to Z and 97 to 122 in Small Letter like a to z.


The coding in binary is nothing that is the result of the source program of assembly language. the assembler converts that source program into machine language. the result is been display in binary. That is like 0 and 1 format. It’s called Binary Language or Machine Code Programming Language.

The machine reads the instruction coding in binary format. So, many languages converted by compiler and interpreter such as java, python, etc.

Assembly Language is a fast programming language rather than other programming languages. there no need to convert any program by compiler or interpreter.

The assembler directly executed the assembly program into machine language. that’ why, assembly is a very fast language. you can see here more machine code tutorial.

The compiler translated the high-level program into a target language like machine language. A high-level program is like java program, etc.

The Interpreter translates the line by line execution of the source code into machine code. Python is the interpreted programming language.

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