What is a Computer Network? Definition

What is a Computer Network? Definition

The Network is a set of interconnected devices. By that way, we can share information like text, video, audio or we shared information with each other.

Some device such as printers is interconnected through a communication link such as a cable. These devices communicated through a network system. That consisted of Hardware and Software.

By this ways, our device of mobile and computer are connected to the network or internet.

Now, I will provide you the best description of “what are the types of network?“. It will help you to learn more about network connection. So, stay with us.

The Network is important in our daily life usually like Business, Entertainment, Industry, Banking Sector, etc.

That also used in Financial Services, Email Services, Mobile Application, Directory Services, Teleconferencing.

So, We can easily maintain each thing and also saved the time. So, It’s much helpful to us.

Advantage Of Network

Important for file sharing and resource sharing.
Enhanced connectivity and communication.
Useful to improve price and performance ratio.
Has very fast internet access.
Provides data security and management as well.
Disadvantages Of Network
Lack of data security and privacy.
Vulnerability to computer viruses.
Network failure.
Administration issues.

Types Of Network

LAN (Local Area Network)

The IEEE 802 LAN is popularly used to shared medium peer to peer communication and broadcasting to the station to station.

LAN is a group of communication devices in internet. It interconnected within an Office, Building, Computer Lab or Campus.

Local Area Network

That enables the station to the communication without any intermedia switching node.

Its own private network. which is arranged in a single building or a campus to cover a few kilometers range. (maximum 3 to 5)

The LAN transmission capacity is more than 1 Mbps.

Characteristics of LAN

Allows users to share storage devices to the printer, application data, and another  resource.
Transfers data at high speed. (more than 1 Mbps)
Exists in limited geographically area. (within few kilometers)
Multiple accesses. (many can use it at the same time)
Less expensive
Has a lower error rate.

Advantages of LAN

Provide a cost-effective multi-user computer environment.
Fitted in any site requirement.
Any number of users can be accommodated.
Allows sharing of mass central storage and printers.
Flexible and growth-oriented.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

The MAN is larger than LAN is limited to the city or a group of nearby co-operating offices. So, It used in similar technology of LAN.

It may be a single network such as cable television. This connected with the number of LAN’s together as a large. So, the resources of it shared by LAN-to-LAN or device-to-device.

MAN Network

For example, one company can use a MAN to connect the internet for offices purpose. MAN can have covered the whole city.

MAN standard has sponsored by IEEE, ANSI(American National Standard Of Institute). It connected with DEU operating.

It provides transfer rate from 34 to 150 Mbps.

MAN designed with two and national buses. That’s independent with another bus in the transfer of Traffic.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

WAN provides long-distance transmission of data and voice. That covers a larger area like City, State, Nation, and World.

All the hosts are connected by each other to the communicated subnet which carries messages from Host to Host.

WAN Network

In WAN when a packet sent from one router to another via one or more intermediate routers. That packet received at Each Intermediate Router.

Each subnet connected to the router for point to point stored and forward it by switch subnet. So the packet stored in router until the required output line is free.

Characteristics of WAN

Exist in the unlimited geographical area.
More susceptible to errors due to the distance the data can travel.
Interconnect multiple LAN.
More sophisticated and complex than LAN.

Types of WAN

Public Net: This connected with many users. So that has less secured. Because all user connected by one IP address.

That may have crashed. Because The System lacks down by the large traffic. So It not suitable for a Business Owner.

Private Net: The Many Users used the private WAN for security. It’s much secured. Because of only One User may have connected.

The Internet has interconnected to WAN. It globally connected to millions of users. More than 100 countries people are exchanging the data, news, and opinions on the Internet.

The Users selected internet services and local services to connect Internet as globally. Therefore, they joined into internetwork by the use of internetworking devices.


Internet connected as globally by Internet Connection. Therefore, we shared our information with each other by Net. That makes easier to know about a particular thing.

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