CoronaVirus Or Covid19 And Meat

It’s a very difficult situation for each one to handle out. I will share some information About Meat. That may help some.

I will just share my personal experience which I faced As a Vegetarian. That’s cases to meat. That’s some match to coronavirus related. Let’s read here!

I think that is attractiveness to look like.

“Attractiveness is often attractive to one particular thing.”

Attractiveness of meat

Attractiveness of alcohol

Attractiveness of beauty

And So On…

Let’s be some example of Attractiveness

Ex 1) Attractiveness of meat

Keep some non-vegetarian peoples in one room. Include one vegetarian people and put meat there. Take Analysis!

All non-vegetarian peoples will not be identified. There’s flowing any smell from the meat. But one vegetarian person will be identified immediately there’s having a smell.

Because, his/her breadth is having increased up, his/her mind having trouble, his/her heart having pain.

Many people say we are destroying diseases of meat by high temperature. Only vegetarian people know how much diseased having there after meat burned in high temperature.

I surprised that why any vegetarian people are not stand out.

(I’m from India. I describe one event which I have seen, that one vegetarian girl had been senseless at while running train. Because there had many non-vegetarian has eaten meat. there had a flowing smell of meat highly. That event claimed in court by one vegetarian lawyer. He got pained many times by meat. Since there, one separate box added in train for vegetarian peoples. If you are Indian you will identify that event has happened.)

Ex 2) Attractiveness of body spray person

Keep one body spray person and the second person who not used body spray nearby

One body spray person will not be identified how much smell having been.

The second person (who not use body spray) will be identified how much smell having been. Because, his/her breadth is having increased up, his/her mind having increased up, his/her heart having trouble.

coronavirus diseases

Let be follow below.

when we use water often. After, we follow the sunlight. we would be dehydrated or we will feel sunlight too much hot. If we will put gets away water sometimes. Our body will be shiver. that’s why. we will be tired. we will be the thirst of water. our throat will be dry. So, we have to take water for some time. not just often. that is the same for meat, alcohol, cigarette, and other things.

when we use often meat and put away for some times. our body will be shiver. That’s why. Body will be tired. we will be thirst of meat. our throat will be dry. Therefore, cold-cough will comes. due to tiredness, fever can be taken over. that is the attractiveness.

that’s why. Today, peoples can’t stay without meat, alcohol, cigarettes. have to follow one thing often. But, this happens not just only in foods. it also happens in the activity such as the attractiveness of beauty and others.

Only Clearness can defeat the Attractiveness.

when we wash out. We are feeling “clearness”. That’s the actual “Love”. That’s why. We not like food it be like after washout. Love is the equality of each thing. The sunlight is providing clearness. That’s why. All the things are looking beautiful in sunlight when we see in sunlight.

Only kindness can be saved from the attraction.

For Example: If you are attractive too much to the cigarette. And your big brother wanted to prevent from you by using loud words. you will feel tired. If you have the kindness to your brother you will consider talking with your brother about it. (In which event, Used kindness for saving (cigarette). Used clearness for defeating (to talk with your brother and you). After, You will remove the attractiveness). If you will take a direct decision to leave cigarette without talking. You never be happy. Try Yourself!

Love (clearness) is not won or lost. Love is equality.

The meat has too much Attractiveness. Then,

Put The Meat Near By At Darkness (Any Vegetarian Or Any Non-Vegetarian.) And Take Analysis!

We will be attracted very quickly. That’s why. essential work out by temperature. Try yourself!

We have not wanted to follow sunlight (temperature). (Each one has attractiveness, clearness, kindness).

The sunlight is the clearness. And The darkness is the attractiveness.

That’s why. The women forces, quarrel, violation, diseases such kind of negativity have happened in darkness. Not, just in sunlight.

One Day we had learned that sunlight (temperature) is the energy of the world. Without sunlight, Life is not possible.

Our breadth is not increased up in sunlight. Our heart is not troubled in sunlight. Our mind is not upsetting in sunlight. But, we forgot the sunlight.

there has no any scientific reason that sunlight is to be black to us. we might be black by the dirt fly. we can feel sunlight too much hot by attractiveness.

About Coronavirus

Is any jaivik object made since yet? Because it could alive, then truthness could be ended. Never, truthness never be end. the human can transmit the virus from robot to robots. But, it’s not possible from human to human.

We already faced many issues from meat such as SARS, Swinflue, Birdflue.

Focus More on the below information.

In SunlightIn Darkness
When we see dirty buffalo at sunlight. We will look beautiful that buffalo or we will not be attracted too much.As the same when we see dirty buffalo in darkness. We will say, remove that buffalo.
When we see meat at sunlight. The meat will look like normal.As the same when we will see meat in darkness. We will be Fascinate or we will attract too much to meat.
When we see one beautiful woman and beautiful man in sunlight. We will look them as normal or we will not be attracted.As the same when we will see that woman and man in the darkness. We will be attracted too much.

If we will follow darkness too much instead of sunlight. The woman forces activity will be increased up by the attractiveness.

See yourself to china peoples they only dependent on meat. there having less field to rise up. there having technology. however, there has less. ( If we will forget nature will forget us one day. we will burden on farmers till the end. )

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