CoronaVirus or Covid19 And Meat

CoronaVirus Or Covid19 And Meat

It’s a very difficult situation for each one to handle out. I will share some information About Meat. That may help some.

So, Be Continue,

I will just share my personal experience which I faced As a Vegetarian. That’s cases to meat. That’s some match to coronavirus related. Let’s read here!

I think that is a fascination to look like.

Fascination or Charm Meaning “Attractiveness is the more attractive to one particular thing.”

Fascination of meat

Fascination of alcohol

Fascination of beauty

And So On…

Let’s be some example of Fascination

Ex 1) Fascination of meat

Keep some non-vegetarian peoples in one room. Include one vegetarian people and put meat there. Take Analysis!

All non-vegetarian peoples will not be identified. There’s flowing any smell from the meat. But one vegetarian person will be identified immediately there’s having a smell.

Because, his/her breadth is having increased up, his/her mind having trouble, his/her heart having pain.

Today, many people say, we are destroying diseases of meat by high temperature. Only vegetarian people know how much diseased having there after meat burned in high temperature.

I surprised that why any vegetarian people not be stand out.

(I’m from India. I describe one event which I have seen, that one vegetarian girl had been senseless at while running train. Because there had many non-vegetarian has eaten meat. there had a flowing smell of meat highly. That event claimed in court by one vegetarian lawyer. He got pained many times by meat. Since there, one separate box added in train for vegetarian peoples. If you are Indian you will identify that event has happened.)

I got troubled many times by meat.

Ex 2) Fascination of body spray person

Keep one body spray person and the second person who not used body spray nearby

One body spray person will not be identified how much smell having been.

The second person (who not use body spray) will be identified how much smell having been. Because, his/her breadth is having increased up, his/her mind having increased up, his/her heart having trouble.

Let’s see the example of Fascination of meat while you leaving it and match with below diseases.

Avoid You meat till 1 month or 2 month And Take Analysis!

Until you are in sunlight you would not be identified that I have any diseased. At darkness time, you would be identified. your body will be weak at that time. You would be the thirst of meat. Your throat will be trouble. due to weakness, You would suffer from other diseases. These will occurs often few days till. You can only remove the diseases by taking medicine. Gradually, you would be freedom from meat forever. You would feel some happiness after the fascination of meat you removed from your body.

I’m not joking. I felt this situation. I’m a vegetarian today.

That’s why peoples say, I can’t stay without meat. I can’t stay without alcohol. It’s a charm.

We can save in sunlight. But, It’s very tough to handle in darkness to Fascination. Because, sunlight protected us from fascination or attractiveness of us forever. That’s why, we’re feeling sunlight is too hot.

Our breadth is not increased up in sunlight. Our heart is not troubled in sunlight. Our mind is not upsetting in sunlight. But, we forgot the sunlight.

I personally felt this situation. 

How Meat conduct in human body

This is a hot element. That’s the same work as other hot foods such as tea, coffee, or alcohol.

Why we have to take a little bit of tea and coffee?

Because generated heat from that element could not be affected to our heart. But, Today the peoples more reliable on meat and alcohol.

The meat is very dangerous for the human heart. Because, The food can stay a long time in the human body. Thus, the heart is increased much time till. So, we’re feeling fear. 

One person’s giving trouble of own to someone.

Somebody says the meat is giving a protein. That’s making strong.

Is One Protein Making Strong To Human Body?

Never, see yourself one Jim trainer, when his/her body having fatigue. He/she require some foods to avoid that fatigue or maintain his/her mind and body also. in which food having much protein. He/she require to adopt a bit and in which food having less protein. He/she need to eat a lot of food. Only this is the difference for protein. Yes, we can’t eat a lot of food. That’s trouble to the human body. But, we can use other protein food.

If we use ghee in foods Do we will not get protein?. We can use egg for protein.

Protein is essential only for recovered our body instantly or maintain our mind and body elements quickly.

Exercising/Practicing is making us strong. The sunlight is giving us strongness.

Second way, We are troubled by the meat

Put one side meat nearby you in the darkness. And Take Analysis!

You do not want. However, your body will be impulse to eat the meat.

As same that’s been. The peoples (poor peoples only) do not want to do this activity such as women force and rape. However, his/her body will be impulse to do that’s kind of activity.

can not say exactly meat is responsible for this activity. But, can say that meat is having too much attractiveness or Fascination. can say definitely, Fascination is responsible to do this kind of activity. 

Third Way, We are punished by the meats

why one dieting person has having a less disease?

Because he/she always accepts all kind of foods similarly. They can stay without any of the foods. They are not dependent on any of the things. But today, the peoples are more dependent on meat.

About Coronavirus

Is any jaivik object made since yet? Because it could alive, then truthness could be ended. Never, truthness never be end. Attractiveness or Fascination can flow attraction from one to another. No any jaivik object can transmit from the human to human.

We already faced many issues from meat such as SARS, Swinflue, Birdflue.

Believe on me. Take analysis of my each step and then, decided.

I had analyzed much to the meat by many years.

some steps may help to us.

1.   Avoid Meat (Because, The Meat has too much Fascination or attractiveness. We can take Egg for protein.)

2.   Follow sunlight instead of darkness (Because, sunlight is able to remove the Fascination or attractiveness from us.)

Focus More on the below information And Take Analysis!

In SunlightIn Darkness
When we see dirty buffalo at sunlight. We will look beautiful that buffalo.As the same when we see dirty buffalo in darkness. We will say, remove that buffalo.
 When we see meat at sunlight. The meat will look like normal.As the same when we will see meat in darkness. We will be Fascinate or we will attract much to meat.
When we see one beautiful woman and beautiful man in sunlight. We will look them as normal or we will not be attracted.As the same when we will see that woman and man at the darkness. We will look different.

We forgot sunlight by the meat.

Sunlight – Our heart not be trouble, Our mind not be upsetting, Our breadth not be increased up, we not feeling any weaknesses, no attractiveness at that.

Meat – Our heart be trouble by large heat, Our mind be upsetting by troubled heart. having attractiveness too much.

If we will follow darkness And avoid sunlight. The woman forces and rape activity will be increased up by attractiveness or Fascination.

See yourself, china peoples, They use meat daily. Today, there having rise less fields. There having technology however there has less. What we will be eating in the future! (If we will forget nature will forget us) (how many days farmer will struggle for us.)

Love And Charm or Fascination. Both meanings have the same. But, both work differently. Both are against each other. We not identified properly about these two things. The sunlight learn us to love, And Darkness learn us to charm or Fascination. But, We avoided Love and following Fascination or charm. That’s why, this situation we’re facing. Love giving us happiness, and Fascination giving us troubleness. We forgot Radha/Krishna.

I don’t want that peoples leave a meat. But, we are feeling fear. heart is be increase. We have diseased of heart. Attractiveness has too much in meat. That’s why, woman forces and rape activity increased up. we can’t estimate How One Fear Can Do?..The fear is the enemy of human. It’s taking to human to go toward untrue. 

Why I hate to the meat?

Because, I have seen the situation that one married woman life destroyed by the attraction (she has attracted to one man). I have seen the situation that one married man life destroyed by the attraction (he has been attracted to one woman). I have seen the situation that peoples they’re throwing fear of own to someone by fighting or quarrel. We can’t eat much meat. It’s trouble to the human heart. We know that how much time one food stays in the human body.

Share this post to everyone. Therefore, the meat destroyed from the world And we will live a happy life forever.

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