Shiv1367 – Latest Technology News Fri, 07 Aug 2020 10:13:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Shiv1367 – Latest Technology News 32 32 Smart Watch | Best Kids Smart Watch On Amazon Sat, 01 Aug 2020 11:11:00 +0000 Read more Smart Watch | Best Kids Smart Watch On Amazon]]> Smart Watch designed to help us achieve coolness while tracking fitness records, getting health check records.

It’s helping us in more ways like sleeping time, follow up the daily routine, working time, traveled distance, etc.

We can check out how many calories we burned, Our athletic activity. It takes measure more than as we expect. That’s giving us a great feeling to look at how far our journey passed through when we have a record of the progress of working time.   

SmartWatch can helpful to us in and out of the gym

We realized that important and necessary for a smartwatch at the workout in the gym. We need to know, how much push up, how far we have been exercise, how much longer until next break. By using SmartWatch. Did we think that one hybrid smartwatch can alive?

Reduce stressful morning issued by oversleeping. Smartwatch can vibrate loudly to help us wake up naturally. Smartwatch can track daily sleeping records to get helps to make sure that we had been getting enough restful time.

Using a smartwatch, you will receive vibration notification when you receive a call, text message, or application activity. It’s much help to stay up to date on anything that’s important in the world without feeling tried to your smart phone’s taking the chance of being distracted during at meeting or workout. This is the innovative technology that helps us to control other devices wirelessly and without hassle.

We can take up a selfie of own – just set up the phone with a smartwatch. We can control music signing, slides in our work presentation, and ring our phone when it misplaced.

It’s waterproof and sweatproof by using technology. Find a perfect fit today with hybrid smartwatch technology.

Why Smart Watches are more helpful?

Whether you are prepared for your next marathon, trying to fit muscle, or you are just curious how physically you fit. Hybrid smartwatches are perfect for them. That’s capable to measure the activity level.

Life is not enough only in the gym, the hybrid smartwatch also useful in the health journey. Smartwatch is perfect for an active lifestyle of us. It’s automatic tracking our steps, distance, calories, and more. It’s consisted of many features that are useful for enhancing life as well. That will even help us to track fitness goals by giving a movement record.

Hybrid Smart Watches It Helpful For Lifestyle

Today, peoples are more believe in various styles, the customizable color and strap materials change the look of you. Select the best combination watch as your style.

Top Selected Amazon Smart Watch

Ticwatch – Comfortable Shadow, 1.4 Inch Display, Android-IOS Version With Google Assistant

android smart watch
  • Android Operating System:

Reviews By Steven:-

“Well, Works, Very Good Price Point. I was very happy that I have Ticwatch E. “

“This is a more responsive watch. That has smooth animation and shorter load times.”

No NFC, Heart Rate Sensor, LTE, No speaker found, connected with the smartphone.

Fossil Smart Watch with Leather Strap, Brown, 22 Model: FTW4004

Fossil Smart Watch
  • Android OS, Oreo Update
  • No NFC, Heart Rate Sensor

Reviews By David B :-

“They have same chips used. Doesn’t mean there have all the same”.

Huawei Smartwatch – Ceramic Bezel- Black Leather Strap

huawei smart watch

Reviews By Patrick :-

“My watch was a Microsoft Band 2. It’s combined by the UI (UserInterface) technology with incredible hardware reliability.”

Huawei Watch related to the Amazon branded Alcatel A30 – that’s an amazing phone for buying. It’s paired with the HW smartwatch.

Bluetooth Smart Watch – ANC wears Smart Watch for Android Phones with SIM Card With Camera, Tracking Fitness Record With Sleeping Time, Android-IOS Operating System

bluetooth smart watch

Reviews By Vien :-

“All most functions that apple watch has like Bluetooth Services, Capture Picture, Receiving Calls, etc. “

Reviews By Kimberlie :-

“ Great Affordable Watch. GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM Card, Bluetooth Service services, Including answering and dialing services, View And Reply text messages, sleeping monitoring, Remote photos, Music service available in this smartwatch. I Love It”

Fossil Smart Watch For Womens, Color: Red, Gold, Blue (Model: FTW6002)

Fossile smart watch for women

Reviews By Sherley :-

“Lots of compliments. Beautiful Watch.”

SmartWatch 3 Sony United States Version, Android OS With Bluetooth And USB

Android, Bluetooth, USB

sony smart watch

Reviews By Joeyhalls :-

“Battery alive till 3-4 days in a single charge. It helps to notify of all texts and emails also. Vibration function available to indicate to us.”  

Le Pan Pro Smart Watch Display Quad Core 2.0 Mega Pixel  Camera, Bluetooth GPS, Wi-Fi App Downloaded, Heart Rate Monitor MSG Notification, In-Built Speaker Microphone, USB Charging

le pan pro smart watch

L G Sport Watch For Men(Unlocked GSM (Silver/Titan))

Smart Watch Men

Reviews By Chris Acosta :-

“Unlocked GSM. That can not be used Verizon, Sprint. That has a frequency band. That’s do work with AT&T and T SIM Card came preloaded.”

Samsung Smart Watch Gear S3 By Silver/Black (Discontinued By Manufacturer)

samsung smart watch

Reviews By Prosaic :-

“Very helpful with caveats. Skeptical of this new technology.

Pros :-

  1. Easy To Set Up
  2. Check daily text messages, email, or calendar features.
  3. Used Camera, Voice Recorder Features
  4.  We can answer calls from this watch. Well, optimized voice quality.
  5. Multiple sensors for health, sleep. Which bells for whistles.

Cons :-

Very bright at darkness.

Motorola Moto 360 –Stone Gray Leather Smart Watch

motorola smart watch

Reviews By Paul :-

“ easy customization. Well featured to show notification and tells exact time. We would able to see the time at darkness or night.”

Smart Watch For Men And Women [2020] >>>

Top Smart Watch Online For Kids

Kids Smart Watch for Girls And Boys – Smartwatch For Kids Phone with Calls, 5+ Games Music Player, Camera, Alarm Clock, and Calculator SOS Calendar Touch Screen Smart Watch for Kids Birthday Gifts (Black)

kids smart watch

Smart Watch Functions: Calling, 5+ Learning Games,  Alarm Clocks, Music Player, Calculator, Five Country Languages to choose, SOS, Images, Photos, Calendar, Camera Time (12/24hr format), Profile, Call log, Mode, Volume adjustment, Date, etc.

How to make calls: Add a Micro Nano SIM Card. Recommend for the US.

 A very easy to operate,  Don’t need to download the app, don’t need to connect cell phone, all the functions are inbuilt with smartwatch, very easy to operate for kids. That’s a great gift for kids 5-15 years old.

Best Smart Watch For Kids [2020] >>>

Kid Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, O2/HRV Activity Tracker with Waterproof Smartwatch, Monitor Sleeping Time, Calorie Observed

kid smart watch

Monitoring Modes –  can fully track the kid’s health data. Fatigue combined with respiratory assessment, test kid’s fatigue, and pressure value, pay more attention to create a healthy and happy growth environment for kids.

Outward Appearance – 0.96 Inches Screen size, Minimum 6.0 inch, Maximum 8.6 inch, soft and durable TPU material without any harmful injuries, comfortable to wear all day.

Message Reminder- incoming calls Indication, alarm clock, and always cares about your health and life.

Buy Now [2020] >>>

Kids Smart Watch for Girls and Boys – HD Touch Screen, Phone Call, Camera, Games Recorder, Alarm, Music Player for kid’s benefits

smart watch for kids

Camera, Recorder, and Mp3 Player: With Free 1GB Micro Sim card, you can take selfie pictures, record voice, and save in smartwatch. You can via Sim card reader to upload the image and voice on your pc. You can play the music in the memory card by selecting Audio Player (Note: The watch only supported *.mp3 files please copy to sd card- “My Music” folder before playing.).

It includes exciting video games includes like Basketball Shoot master, Bee war, Pinball hit bricks, Car grab goods, etc.

Kids can receive calls via smartwatch services. You can advise a local operator to buy a SIM card that supports 2G signals.

Best Smart Watch For Kids [2020] >>>

Google FAQ’s

Q. 1) What Are The Features Of Smart Watch?
SmartWatch is more helpful to check blood pressure, check the gym activities report, checking how many calories we burned, get a question’s answer from google using google assistant, etc.
Q. 2) What Is The Cost Of Smart Watch?
There are many products available on Amazon for them. you can read more there.
Q. 3) What Are Good Smart Watches?
Fossil Smart Watch and Le Pan Pro SmartWatch are the best according to google reviews.


A new smartwatch is the one success of technology improvement. That is the best solution by developers to find out about this.

It’s more helpful for peoples to daily checkout activity, Routine time, travel distance time instead of a mobile phone. It’s helpful for saving time.

That is not useful in one particular area. It’s much essential for Blood Pressure checking, Daily exercise time check-up, etc.

The smartwatch is one of the best success for all of us to save time, many activities to do at a specific time. It’s more important for daily work out. That understands The peoples for follow up next step activity.

Many well-optimized features added in the smartwatch. And the main important feature is Google Assistant which helps us to ask or get a daily question answer.

The smartwatch is fully developed the same as a smartphone. Have to receive calls, text messages to read and write, capture photos or images, email sending or receiving, notification which indicates to us about everything.

The smartwatch is a great effort by the developer to came out among us. It takes more believe to next come out like these innovative smart things.

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DBMS | Advantages and DisAdvantages of DBMS Thu, 30 Jul 2020 11:25:00 +0000 Read more DBMS | Advantages and DisAdvantages of DBMS]]> What Is DBMS – A database system is a collection of data or a set of programs to manipulate data stored in a database. that’s called database management system or DBMS. A database management system provides basic functionalities.

DBMS Components

There are four major components of the database management system which form of the database system environment as listed below.

  • Data
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Users

The following figure depicts these four components. These components are described in the following sub-sections.


The collection of related data is referred to as a database. In other words, the database is a repository of related data. Integrated data means they are correct and consistent.

Correctness suggests that data satisfies the integrity rules, such as balance should not be negative.

Consistency suggests that all the data stored in a database should be consistent. For example, an account should not have a branch name that does not exist.

Depending upon the number of users interacting with the system. a database system can be a single user system or multi-user system. In a single-user system, at most one user can access the database at a time. In a multi-user system, more than one user can access the database at the same time.


All the physical devices of a computer system are referred to as hardware. A computer system can have several different hardware such as processor, memory, hard disk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, etc.

From a database system point of view, important hardware can be divided into two categories:

processor and main memory – Supports the execution of the database software.

secondary storage deviceUsed to store data of a system or organization permanently.

These include hard disks, magnetic tapes, compact disks, etc.

Hard disks are the most widely used secondary storage devices nowadays.


The software provides the interface between users and databases stored in physical devices. Application programs, DBMS software, and operating systems from the software component here.

The operating system manages all the hardware of the computer. The file system of the operating system provides interaction between other software components and hardware such as a hard disk.


These are the four main categories of database users:

Database Administrator – He/She is responsible for the proper functioning of the database system.

Database designers – Identify the data to be stored in a database and designs the structure of the database for an organization.

End users – These users interact with the database in different manners depending upon their requirements.

Advantages Of DBMS

The database management system contains centralized management and control over the database. Also, DBMS software is used to provide interaction between application programs and databases. Due to this, it provides many advantages. These advantages are given below.

advantages of dbms

Minimal Data Redundancy

possible to avoid unnecessary duplication of information. For example, all the information about bank customers can be kept centralized. This prevents unnecessary duplication of customer information who has both types of accounts.

leads to reduced data redundancy. Reduced data redundancy prevents memory. wastage.

Improved Data Consistency

inconsistency occurs due to data redundancy. For example, consider that customer requirement is maintained separately for savings accounts and current accounts.   

Efficient Data Access

Utilizes a variety of techniques to retrieve data. Required data can be retrieved by providing an appropriate query to the DBMS.   

The data can be accessed in a convenient and efficient manner.

Improved Data Sharing

the database is maintained centrally, all authorized users and application programs can share this database easily.

Improved Data Integrity

the software provides different ways to implement such type of constraints. Also, it ensures that the data stored in the database follows such constraints on its own. Application programs need not worry about this.

Guaranteed Atomicity

operation on a database must be atomic. This means it must happen in its entirety or not at all. For example, a fund transfer from one account to another must happen in its entirety.

That is the responsibility of the DBMS software to ensure such a kind of atomicity. If any operation fails due to some problems, such as system crashes, then the effects of the partially executed operation can be undone.

In database systems, atomicity can be guaranteed.

Improved Security

For example, a customer can check balance only for his/her account.

the software provides a way to control access to data for different users according to their requirements.

It provides several advantages over other database systems, such as file-oriented systems, as described in the previous section. In spite of this, DBMS contains some drawbacks. The following are the disadvantages of using DBMS.

Disadvantages Of DBMS

Disadvantages Of DBMS

High Cost

the initial cost is required to implement database and application programs.

incurs high initial cost behind DBMS software. Also, hardware needs to be upgraded according to the requirements of the DBMS software.

from older file-oriented system to a database system is also costly in terms of money as well as time.

Specialized Manpower

The system requires specialized, skilled manpower to design & develop databases and to provide database administration services.

due to rapid changes in database technology. this manpower needs to be trained and retrained regularly

Security Risks

It is kept centrally and can be used by multiple users remotely at the same time requires to authorize access to data among users to prevent misuse of confidential and important data.

Increased Complexity

It is necessary to understand the requirements of the organization and different kinds of users to design and implement an efficient database.

Need for Explicit Backup and Recovery

the entire database is maintained centrally, it is must to provide efficient backup and recovery facilities.

all these drawbacks, it becomes quite essential to decide whether to use a database system or to use a file-oriented system.

It is desirable not to use database systems if the – database is simple & well-defined, need not change frequently, and concurrent access among multiple users is not required.

Google FAQ’s

Q. 1) What is database management systems?

Database Management Systems is stored user data in the database by using SQL language. The SQL provides query processing operation to perform for user behavior in a website or mobile application.

Q. 2) What are advantages of DBMS?

DBMS is helpful for Minimal Data Redundancy, Data Consistency, Data Integrity, Efficient Data Access, etc.

Q. 3) What are disadvantages of DBMS?

Disadvantages of DBMS – High Cost, Specialized Manpower, Security Risks, Increased Complexity, Need for Explicit Backup, and Recovery.


DBMS is the database management system that is useful to store user value in a database system using SQL language.

SQL is the structured query processing used for accessing user performance in the database.

DBMS is an important concept for business and entrepreneur at online. Because It’s essential to check the analytics report of the user. That’s a major point to get success in marketing.

That’s important to behave upon user input. Accordingly, the System can show up the result. The DBMS is capable to show up large data using memory.

Today, many marketers and distributors are selling and buying large data for supplied products to the right peoples (who needed of product).

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12 website security plugin to protect WordPress site from hacker Tue, 28 Jul 2020 07:30:00 +0000 Read more 12 website security plugin to protect WordPress site from hacker]]> WordPress Security is an important factor for Google search ranking and web site to run as long as possible. So, It’s essential. there are some important security plugin and tools. you can optimize on your website to get much secured.

Be continue,

i-Themes Plugin

i-Themes is the most important WordPress plugin for lock down your website from the hacker. there are some effective features for website security such as hide login URL of WordPress website, two-factor authentication, SQL (Structured Query Language) security or Database security, malware scanning, password expiration, google re-captcha, etc.


i-themes can prevent the brute force attack by blocking the user’s IP (Internet Protocol). that automatically block IP who are trying to access. the best thing of i-themes is a free plugin. if you want more security. you can use paid i-theme plugin.

This plugin helps to prevent SQL injection attacks by simply enable SQL (Structure Query Language) junction option.

The key feature for i-themes plugin such as Two-Factor Authentication, WordPress Salts & Security Keys for malware automatically each day, Malware Scan Scheduling for an issue found, Password Security for generating a strong password, Password Expiration for the set maximum password, Google reCAPTCHA for protecting the site against spammers, User Action Logging for tracking user content and log in. Import/Export Settings for saving time setting up a WordPress site, etc. 

Wordfence Plugin

Wordfence is the most successful WordPress plugin. you can block any country for accessing. the best thing of the Wordfence plugin sends an email when someone has a login. So, It’s best for any publisher to optimize on the website.

Wordfence is a free plugin. you can use paid features.


Wordfence is the best plugin for firewall security. That protects the source code of the website. You can install and activate that plugin onto your dashboard for security.

Key features for Wordfence such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) spam, malicious redirects, code injections, scanning for content, post, malicious activity, generating spam or other security issues, etc.

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is helpful for blogs while It’s index by crawler of various search engines. they indicate to the crawler to accessing the content of blog posts. not just to access out of things. also, the jetpack is an important plugin to see the user view of the website.


You can also hang out the social share button in the website by jetpack plugin. It may help to get more traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Youtube, Mix, etc.

The key feature for Jetpack Plugin such as brute force attack protection, spam filtering, downtime monitoring, backup of the website, secure login, malware scanning, code scanning, automated threat resolution, fast and priority support from WordPress experts, etc.

XSS (cross-site scripting) Plugin

XSS plugin included two main methods like the GET method is sends the request to page URL (Unicode Resource Locator) when the POST method sends the request to the server.

XSS Plugin

So, the POST method is secured rather than the GET method. Because pages are randomly optimized on the website ever. XSS is an essential plugin to prevent the bug from the WordPress website.

Key features such as Block Parameters, Encode Parameters, Bug Reports, etc.

Autoptimize Plugin

This plugin help to remove cache data from the website. That can prevent unwanted data. Autoptimize plugin is much help to increase web site speed like Optimize Google Fonts, Async non-aggregated JavaScript, CSS-JS-HTML file minimization, Image optimization by excluding weak file data.


But It may trouble to hang out any ads. Because of the function of ads are not working when we clear cache data. So, require to disable the plugin if you want to hang out any ads.

Key Feature such as HTTP/2 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) API(Application Programming Interface) enables, caching, CDN (Content Delivery Network), etc.

Blogvault Plugin

Blogvault is the best plugin for any website security. The Blogvault feature such as WordPress backup plugin, WordPress Site Restore, WordPress Migration, WooCommerce, Backup, WordPress Staging, WordPress Merge, Site Management, White Label Solution, etc.


Blogvault Plugin is an important plugin for backup of the website. That’s a much reliable for any publisher.

Key Features such as Auto Restore, Zero Downtime Migration, Incremental backups, one-click staging, etc.

Cloudflare Tool

This is the best website security tool to be safe from any hacker. there have many features such as fast and global content delivery network, fast, powerful and secure DNS (Domain Name Server), Load Balancing, Agro Smart Routing, Web Optimizations, Local Storage Caching, AutoMinify, Rocket Loader, Server Push, Web Application Firewall, Rate limiting, DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) Protocol, DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) Protection, SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/ Transport Layer Security), Secure Application Access, etc.


Cloudflare is an amazing tool for any website to be secured. you can change the name server of your webserver to get more security online. 

You can prevent any brute force attack by simply enable the option of brute force in Cloudflare. You can see here more about Cloudflare.

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick heal is the best antivirus software. It is important to access safely any website. that indicates to the user to be safe when the user gets to be in danger zone. But that’s a paid software tool. you can buy a yearly plan.

Quick heal keeps safe your local computer data from the hacker. that indicates when any vulnerability alive in your local computer. that also prevent malicious objects from the computer. So, any website owner needs to protect the data.

quick heal antivirus

Key feature such as Ransomware Protection, Web Security, Email Security, Safe Banking, Core Protection, Malware Protection, Anti-Keylogger, Improved Scan Engine, Advanced DNA Scan, Browser sandbox, Data Theft Protection, Parental Control, Privacy Protection, Virtual Keyword, Vulnerability Scan, PC Tuner, PC2Mobile Scan, Quick Heal Remote Device Management, Import, and Export Settings, Enhanced Self-Protection, etc.

Change User And Password Of WordPress Website

When we installed WordPress there has by default admin user and password. So, it’s got to be easy for any hacker to access that. So, removing is needed to get more website security. You can simply create a new administrative account.  

Remove Registered Email With Other Email Address

We require to create a new email registration to hide the email data from the website. Because hackers can target to email through the sending malicious object. Therefore, they can easily control the website remotely. 

You can add a new email address onto the admin dashboard.

Update All Plugin And WordPress As Well

An update is required. Because hackers can target to old data. That’s well for website security to save from hackers. Many websites have been hacked by no updated. So, require update WordPress and all plugin for web security.

Take Back-Up Of Whole Website Once In Week

Back up is gets safe our work when the website is been hacked. So, The back up is needed for any publisher. Back up keeps safe work. So, take a backup when you upload a new blog. 

Website Security Tutorial

Today a million website is hacked. So, security is essential for each person, especially for the publisher. According to the google search results, most websites hacked by the non-updated website. 

Some website owners optimized the white hack technique and black hack technique for website security. white hack technique work for the user such as user only allowed for these and black hack technique is for against user such as website collects each user data such IP address, user location, user country, user name, etc. User does not know, how that’s safe on a particular website platform.

So, website security is essential for each user and the owner also. The online has many platforms for buying web security tools. But, need to care to buy hosting. Because some platforms may gets be careless. So, It’s essential to have the best security platform.

Website Security is much needed when creating a blog post for search ranking. some intelligence peoples can make fool us to get keyword rank on top in the google search engine by black hat SEO.

Especially for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the strategy to rank keyword in the first of google page. So at that time, security is much needed. Because everyone wanted to beat someone in SEO.

Online has many real works and fake works. So, please be stable on each platform. Real work does not demand to someone. So please not send any money to someone.

But I would say, created own works such as blogging, affiliate marketing, Youtube channel. 

You can start your work by creating a WordPress website. You can check step by step to start blogging now.

Affiliate marketing is the best marketing today, many people’s getting be commission by selling the product. This is the best marketing to make high money from online.

Youtube is also best for online earning. You can share your thought by sharing a video. Today, Youtube is getting more popular many people’s starting career in youtube, these are the top business plan to start for each person from today. 

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Google Assistant | Keeps Popping Up On Android Sun, 12 Jul 2020 08:33:39 +0000 Read more Google Assistant | Keeps Popping Up On Android]]> Google Assistant is used artificial intelligence (AI) technology. that is developed by Google LLC. Now, that is available on PC (Personal Computer), and Mobile Phone.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant History

That is launched on Android phone in 2017 Feb. After, some days later being on iPhone in 2017 May. The Assistant is written in the C++ programming language. It used In Android, IOS (iPhone Operating System), Linux.

That is available in some specific language like English, Hindi, Fench, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, etc. The assistant is a virtual assistant.

It used video screen, smart voice system or speaker, smart display screen. Now, that is used in 100+ countries include 40+ languages.

Google Assistant voice used of American Female (KiKi Baessell). After, 2019 October, Assistant has added optional voice.

Google Assistant is an amazing technology to ask to Google about your question. Assistant will help you to give the answer.

How To Disable Google Assistant Keeps Popping Up

  • At the Bottom Tap On Assistant Icon

google assistant icon

  • Click On Settings

google asistant setting

  • Click On Assistant –> Phone

google assistant settings

  • Turn Off Google Assistant On Android or Disable Google Assistant

turn off google assistant

Google Assistance On PC (Personal Computer)

Download the assistant features with the MEmu android emulator on PC. The Assistant app provides another way to launch assistant. That’s already available on smartphone or mobile phone. Download Google Assistant for PC

Google Assistant On App Or Mobile Phone

Gets The Assistant Features On Free Hand

The Assistant is ready to use anywhere. Manage schedule, get help with every task, control smart-home device, enjoy your entertainment much more.

Play Music And Videos With Your Voice

Find music based on generic, Play with your favorite songs, playlist, podcasts, and music video. Find the best tunes activity like cooking, studying, or working out. You can also skip the songs and adjust the volume.

Stay In Touch With Hand Free Calls, Text And Emails

Assistant makes it faster and easy to use messages, calls, emails, and also useful in sending and receiving messages or emails.

Get Quick Direction And Local Info

Quickly finds answers about business, restaurants, including business hours, traffic information, Google map directions. You can also find the car parks near you and the best restaurants.

Get Convenient Help Throughout The Day

Stay on top of the schedule and manage calendar so that you don’t forget important appointments and meetings also. Set reminders and get alerts so that you can tick off your daily documents.

The Assistant makes help to add items to the shopping list, takes notes, set a timer, and set alarms.

Search the web and get quick answer By Assistant

Find the fast answer to your question while you are out about or at home. Get real-time weather forecast, find the sports score, search the web or get language translations when you are aboard.

Google Question About This Blog

Q. 1) Is Google Assistant Helpful?

Assistant helpful in many ways like to get the answer of the question, to check the weather report of the current time, to get the notification of any important news, to check the daily routine time, etc.

 Q. 2) What Is The Best Assistant For Android?

Assistant app available on android OS.

Q.3) Is Assistant Available For Laptop?

Only one way to use Assistant in PC or Laptop that is MEmu android emulator.

Q. 4) Is Assistant Made Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Yes, Assistant is Used the technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI is the technology.  It is based on programming languages. There’s used C++ programming language for AI.

 Q. 5) What All Can Assistant Do?

Assistant is capable to manage schedule, control home device with assistant features, play music and video with your voice, get quick direction and local information, search the web, etc.


Assistant is much helpful for getting the answer quickly from google search engine. It’s not helpful in one way. That’s helpful for saving time, Alarm alert, show up latest news notification from google, etc.

We can also check out weather reports, some specific country’s time zone, latest activity, etc.

Today, we have many smart watches available on the market. That’s used Assistant feature. It’s more helpful in the gym and other activities. It is much important to save time instead seeing of a mobile phone.

The Assistant is the best success in technology.

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CoronaVirus Or Covid19 And Meat Wed, 01 Jul 2020 08:34:00 +0000 Read more CoronaVirus Or Covid19 And Meat]]> It’s a very difficult situation for each one to handle out. I will share some information About Meat. That may help some.

I will just share my personal experience which I faced As a Vegetarian. That’s cases to meat. That’s some match to coronavirus related. Let’s read here!

I think that is attractiveness to look like.

“Attractiveness is often attractive to one particular thing.”

Attractiveness of meat

Attractiveness of alcohol

Attractiveness of beauty

And So On…

Let’s be some example of Attractiveness

Ex 1) Attractiveness of meat

Keep some non-vegetarian peoples in one room. Include one vegetarian people and put meat there. Take Analysis!

All non-vegetarian peoples will not be identified. There’s flowing any smell from the meat. But one vegetarian person will be identified immediately there’s having a smell.

Because, his/her breadth is having increased up, his/her mind having trouble, his/her heart having pain.

Many people say we are destroying diseases of meat by high temperature. Only vegetarian people know how much diseased having there after meat burned in high temperature.

I surprised that why any vegetarian people are not stand out.

(I’m from India. I describe one event which I have seen, that one vegetarian girl had been senseless at while running train. Because there had many non-vegetarian has eaten meat. there had a flowing smell of meat highly. That event claimed in court by one vegetarian lawyer. He got pained many times by meat. Since there, one separate box added in train for vegetarian peoples. If you are Indian you will identify that event has happened.)

Ex 2) Attractiveness of body spray person

Keep one body spray person and the second person who not used body spray nearby

One body spray person will not be identified how much smell having been.

The second person (who not use body spray) will be identified how much smell having been. Because, his/her breadth is having increased up, his/her mind having increased up, his/her heart having trouble.

Let be follow below.

when we use water often. After, we follow the sunlight. we would be dehydrated or we will feel sunlight too much hot. If we will put gets away water sometimes. Our body will be shiver. that’s why. we will be tired. we will be the thirst of water. our throat will be dry. So, we have to take water for some time. not just often. that is the same for meat, alcohol, cigarette, and other things.

when we use often meat and put away for some times. our body will be shiver. That’s why. Body will be tired. we will be thirst of meat. our throat will be dry. Therefore, cold-cough will comes. due to tiredness, fever can be taken over. that is the attractiveness.

that’s why. Today, peoples can’t stay without meat, alcohol, cigarettes. have to follow one thing often. But, this happens not just only in foods. it also happens in the activity such as the attractiveness of beauty and others.

Only Clearness can defeat the Attractiveness.

when we wash out. We are feeling “clearness”. That’s the actual “Love”. That’s why. We not like food it be like after washout. Love is the equality of each thing. The sunlight is providing clearness. That’s why. All the things are looking beautiful in sunlight when we see in sunlight.

Only kindness can be saved from the attraction.

For Example: If you are attractive too much to the cigarette. And your big brother wanted to prevent from you by using loud words. you will feel tired. If you have the kindness to your brother you will consider talking with your brother about it. (In which event, Used kindness for saving (cigarette). Used clearness for defeating (to talk with your brother and you). After, You will remove the attractiveness). If you will take a direct decision to leave cigarette without talking. You never be happy. Try Yourself!

Love (clearness) is not won or lost. Love is equality.

The meat has too much Attractiveness. Then,

Put The Meat Near By At Darkness (Any Vegetarian Or Any Non-Vegetarian.) And Take Analysis!

We will be attracted very quickly. That’s why. essential work out by temperature. Try yourself!

We have not wanted to follow sunlight (temperature). (Each one has attractiveness, clearness, kindness).

The sunlight is the clearness. And The darkness is the attractiveness.

That’s why. The women forces, quarrel, violation, diseases such kind of negativity have happened in darkness. Not, just in sunlight.

One Day we had learned that sunlight (temperature) is the energy of the world. Without sunlight, Life is not possible.

Our breadth is not increased up in sunlight. Our heart is not troubled in sunlight. Our mind is not upsetting in sunlight. But, we forgot the sunlight.

there has no any scientific reason that sunlight is to be black to us. we might be black by the dirt fly. we can feel sunlight too much hot by attractiveness.

About Coronavirus

Is any jaivik object made since yet? Because it could alive, then truthness could be ended. Never, truthness never be end. the human can transmit the virus from robot to robots. But, it’s not possible from human to human.

We already faced many issues from meat such as SARS, Swinflue, Birdflue.

Focus More on the below information.

In SunlightIn Darkness
When we see dirty buffalo at sunlight. We will look beautiful that buffalo or we will not be attracted too much.As the same when we see dirty buffalo in darkness. We will say, remove that buffalo.
When we see meat at sunlight. The meat will look like normal.As the same when we will see meat in darkness. We will be Fascinate or we will attract too much to meat.
When we see one beautiful woman and beautiful man in sunlight. We will look them as normal or we will not be attracted.As the same when we will see that woman and man in the darkness. We will be attracted too much.

If we will follow darkness too much instead of sunlight. The woman forces activity will be increased up by the attractiveness.

See yourself to china peoples they only dependent on meat. there having less field to rise up. there having technology. however, there has less. ( If we will forget nature will forget us one day. we will burden on farmers till the end. )

Please, Forgive me If anything is wrong. Share this!

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What Is CSS | CSS ID Selector vs Class Selector Wed, 24 Jun 2020 09:06:50 +0000 Read more What Is CSS | CSS ID Selector vs Class Selector]]> CSS full form Cascading Style Sheet. It’s used for the layout of the web page. That represents the style of the web page in different ways.

CSS is helpful for the web browser to create a beautiful web site or web page also. That’s changed the structure of web site as beauty. So, it’s more important for user engagement.

What Is CSS

There are many key features for CSS. That helps to build an amazing website by simply adding some important selectors such as class selectors, id selectors, pseudo selectors, etc.

That has three main types such as External, Internal, and Inline CSS.

External CSS is required when we have to use that’s the same code in another place.

External CSS

You can simply add these codes in a different place when you want to use the same layout on the other page.

The Inline CSS helps to link CSS to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). You can see below Inline CSS Style example:

Inline CSS

The Internal CSS is the same as Inline Cascading Style Sheet but it is in CSS format.

Internal CSS

These are the best while we coding to build any web pages or web site also. Cascading Style Sheet is much helpful for mobile-friendly web design.

CSS ID vs Class 

The CSS is essential to develop some best design parts for a web site. A CSS Selectors declares DOM (Document Object Model) applied to a particular style.

CSS ID Selector

which will apply the specific task to element like ‘#’ is used to declare the ID selector.

CSS ID Selector

Class Selector

It is possible when sometimes you need to make several styles for the same HTML element.

CSS Class Selector

Pseudo Selector

:foo:- Indicates a pseudo-class (temporary state not in the DOM (Document Object Model)). it was used for both pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements. most rendering engines support both.

:hover – Applied only when hovering over an element.

:first-child – the first child of an element can be changed.

1) User Action Pseudo-Class Selector

:active – element is currently being activated by the user.

Mouse: time between mouse press & release.

Keyboard: hold down enter

Often used on <a> & <button>

:focus – element is currently selected to receive input.

Mouse: object selected (<input> or <textarea>)

Keyboard: tab to object (usually indicated via dotted or solid outline).

2) Tree Structural Pseudo – Class Selector

:root –  That element represent the root of the document.

why does :root exist? – Remember, CSS can also be used in SVG & XML (graphics element).

:root is equivalent to <html> in CSS, except. :root has higher specificity.

:empty – matches elements that have no children (children means elements or text).

:empty matches <td>and</td>. So, you can use it to an empty table Cell.

It also matches empty elements like <img>, <input>, & <hr>.

Tree Structural: Child – Indexed Pseudo – Class Selectors

:first-child:- selects the elements that are the first child of a parent.

For example – p:first-child means a first <p> of all parent elements, not the first child of <p>.

:last-child:- selects the element that is the last child of a parent.

For example – p:last-child means a last <p> of all parent elements, not the last child of <p>.

:only-child:- selects the element that is the only child of a parent.

For example – p:only-child means a <p> that is the only child of its parent elements, not the only child of <p>.

:nth-child(n):- Rendering engine counts all children of an element & then matches based on the selector.

tr:nth-child (odd):- matches the odd rows of a table.

tr:nth-child(even):- matches the even rows of a table.

tr :nth-child (2n+1)

matches the odd rows of a table

if n=0, then 2×0+1=1, the 1st row

if n=1. then 2×1+1=3, the 3rd row

if n=2, then 2×2+1=5, the 5th row

tr:nth-child (2n)

matches the even rows of a table

if n=0, then 2×0=0, which is no row

if n=1, then 2×1=2, the 2nd row

if n=2, then 2×2=4, the 4th row

tr: nth-child (-n+3)

matches the 1st 3 rows of a table.

3) Input Pseudo – Class Selectors

: enabled – that enables data on the web page. But we can’t use : enabled many times.

: disabled – we can use a disabled attribute in HTML to disable any field data.

: checked – indicates that these elements are checked or toggled on:

radio (<input type=”radio”>)

checkbox (<input type=”checkbox”>)

option (<option> in a <select>)

4) Negation Pseudo – Class Selector

: not (s) – Matches any element not represented by S.

S cannot contain another negation selector or any pseudo-elements.

5) :lang() Pseudo – Class Selector

Select elements based on encoding language.

Every language has a 2-letter encoding + (optionally) a dash & 2 more letters for directs. For example:- fr= French,

zh=Chinese, en=English, en-US = American English

<p lang=”fr”>

cite: lang (fr) {}

blockquote. literature:lang (zh) {}

FullScreen API (Application Programming Interface)

: fullscreen

Pseudo-class targets the elements showed in full-screen through javascript code. That don’t work if you want to maximize your browser window through F11 on Windows or MAC OS (Media Access Controller Operating System).


<string>:- represents a quoted string of Unicode characters. That used with data URLs such as ::before and ::after.

::before – selects elements & inserts content before it. Content can be text, images, or counters. Used to be :before, & most rendering engines support both. It must include the content property.

That’s nice, what if you have several chapters?. You don’t want to put the chapter number in manually for each one.

Counters are variables that may be incremented or decremented based on their position in the document. For counter work: You must give the counter a unique name. You must use counter(), counter-reset, & counter-increment.

counter():- function that adds the value of a counter to a selected element.

counter-reset:- resets value of a CSS counter. default value is always 0.

/* set foo to 0 */

counter-reset : foo

/* set foo to -1 */

counter-reset : foo -1

Counter-increment:- Value is increased up according to the code. default value is always 1.

/* Increment foo by 1 */

counter-increment : foo

/* Decrement foo by 1 */

counter-increment: foo -1

Google FAQ Question About This Blog

 Q. 1) What Are The CSS Selectors?

Selectors is the style of CSS to change the layout of the web page.

 Q. 2) What Are The Different Kinds Of CSS Selectors?

There are so many selectors such as id selectors, class selectors, pseudo selectors, etc.

Q. 3)  How Many Selectors Are There?

can not mention properly. But I know 3 selectors which I showed above.

 Q. 4) What Is CSS Selectors And How Does It Work?

Selectors provides the layout of web pages to customize beutiful web design.

Q. 5) What Are Selectors?

Selectors are essential for providing a major role in layout. That indicates the HTML tags to formatting.


CSS has many styles to create a web design. Selectors helps to build effective web pages for user prospects. So, that’s much helpful for users and developers also.

There have many selectors. that helps to develop a beautiful web site.

Some time accidental codes not works on a web page. So, we must have to use appreciative coding for web site development. The accidental may have between different languages such as HTML codes between CSS codes.

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Theano | 1 Best Deep Learning Python Library Thu, 19 Mar 2020 08:54:04 +0000 Read more Theano | 1 Best Deep Learning Python Library]]> Theano is a best deep learning python library that allowed for creating complex arithmetic expression function using the NumPy interface in python.

The NumPy is the best computational multidimensional array structure in python programming.

theano installation

Available Important Features

  • Unit Testing Extension And Self Verification – Detect Errors and Diagnose.
  • Speed And Stability Optimization – Get the right answer for log (1+x) even when x is tiny.
  • Fit Integration With NumPy – Use numpy.ndarray compilation function.
  • Enough Symbolic Differentiation – You can use many inputs for derivation functions.
  • GPU Transparent – perform much faster data in machine learning than over CPU (Control Processing Unit).
  • Dynamic Code Generation – Calculate faster expression.

That is the powerful large scale computational python library investigated in the year 2007. But, That has enough information to be used in college universities especially for machine learning and deep learning topic.

Latest Version

This is the latest version with a lot of new features like interface changed, bug fixed and improvement, etc.

See New Feature Here!

  • Supported Numpy 1.13
  • conda package is now new updated feature to install that, and add as conda install –c mila –udem theano pygpu 
  • Supported PyGpu 0.7

Improve Operations

  • Fixed memory leaks related to element-wise operation on GPU.
  • Remove old GPU theano.sandbox.cuda Update New theano.gpuarray in the backend.
  • Supported Python version 3, 3.3 and 3.4
  • Metrix Dot Product could be the wrong result in some cases while it used with mkl from conda.
  • Speed Up elemwise op based on SciPy.
  • Now that used sha256 instead of md5 to work on device or system. The md5 and sha256 is for security reason in python.

Scan Improvements

  • Updated bug fix, crash fix, and warning improvements.
  • Use RNNBLock Documentation
  • Update conv Documentation

Improve Graph Algorithm

  • Faster Optimization, with new optional features
  • Improve compilation by using massive op params interface
  • Improve debuggers using PdbBreakpoint

About seventeen one peoples contributed to this update or release this version library.

Interface Changed

  • Used AllocDiag for only non-scalar input
  • Mixed duplicated diagnosis function – For example, ExtractDiag (That able to extract diagonal to vector), and also AllocDiag (Set diagonal empty array vector).
  • Used grad() method instead of L_op() method in ops that require the output to compute mixer.
  • Improved op ExtractDiag through theano.tensor.nlinalg, used the only theano.tensor.basic.
  • Updated name MultinomialWOReplacementFromUniform to ChoiceFromUniform

theano API


  • cublas.lib (function)
  • nvcc.*flags (function)
  • cuda.enabled (function)
  • pycuda.init (function)
  • enable_initial_driver_test (function)
  • gpuarray.sync (function)
  • lib.cnmen (function)

Convolution Updated

  • Improved separate convolution for 2D or 3D
  • conv3d function removed
  • updated grouped convolution for 2D or 3D
  • Improved bi-linear fractional sample
  • Desperate conv2d function

Graphics Unit For Processing

  • GPU only used when needed
  • Used GPU in magma library like QR, eigh and Cholesky, matrix inverse or SVD
  • Used GpuAdvancedIncSubtensorl_dev20 
  • GPU used in both OpenCL and CUDA function
  • Log gramma function supported for all noncomplex types
  • Added long long values in GpuCublasTriangularSolve
  • Used disk caching function for kernel OS
  • Offset parameter k supported for GpuEye

cuDNN Convolution Algorithm

  • Improved cuDNN algorithm for system caching
  • Better loading time supported on Mac and Windows.
  • Support official for v7.* or c6.*
  • Python script to help test cuDNN convolution

Added New Features

  • Used matrix function therano.tensor.cov
  • Improved AbstractBatchNormTrainGrad function
  • Updated Boolean indexing for sub-tensors
  • All C code file separated for c_code function
  • Used L_op() method for OpFromGraph
  • Deleted useless warning while the profile is manually disabled
  • Used tri-gamma function
  • Deleted therano/compat/
  • Updated half and full mode for Images2Neibs op function
  • Better and faster testing for Travis CI tests
  • Used sigmoid_binary_crossentropy function
  • tensor 7() and tensor 6() method added in theano.tensor module.
  • Used new flag like cmodule.debug to allow a debug mode. Recently used for cuDNN only.
  • Deleted Cop.get_op_params() method
  • Updated new flag pickle_test_value help to get disable pickling values for testing.
  • added Bassel function of order 0 and 1 from scipy.special function.
  • Used revel_multi_index and unravel_index function on control. processing unit.
  • Metrix function theano.tensor.cov added
  • Used R_op() method for ZeroGrad
  • Track stack optimization process in new GPU backend
  • Deleted ViewOp subclass during optimization
  • Added theano.tensor.signal.pool for index overflows.
  • Used disconnected_outputs function to Rop
  • Deleted ViewOp subclass during optimization

Theano Tutorial

That is possible to present speed for implementation for the problem-solving. Involve large data.

theano tips

That’s able to combine the computer algebra system (CAS) with the aspect of optimizing compiler. It can generate C code for mathematical operations. That can minimize the compilation and implementation of all python code. It provides symbolic features for automatic differentiation.

That can surpass to CPU by orders to taking advantage of GPU.

A compiler may apply many complex optimizations to that’s expressions. This may like these:

  • Improved numerical stability for example, (log(1+exp(x)) and log (exp(x[8]))
  • Arithmetic expression For example (x*y/x-> y, –x->x)
  • Added efficient BLAS operation for contexts variety
  • GPU used for computation
  • Memory aliased to remove calculation
  • Fusion loop for subexpression as element-wise

Let’s see some example

  • import therano
  • from therano import tensor    #symbolic floating point scalars
  • a = tensor.dscalar()
  • b =tensor.dscalar()               #simple expression
  • c = a + b                             #values input and evaluate value for c
  • f = theano.function ([a,b], c) #bind 1.5 to ‘a’, 2.5 to ‘b’, and calculate ‘c’
  • assert 4.0 —
  • f [1.5, 2.5], 3.5

Theano library is not a programming language. That is one deep learning in python. That optimize compiler, evaluating expressions especially for matrix points. Typically, Matix did this by the Numpy package. see more theano github.

Numpy is the best package or interface for optimizing multidimensional arrays in the python programming language. Matrix convention for machine learning.

Let’s some example:

The matrix has 3X2 means 3 column and 2 rows. Consider this array program:

  • >>> numpy.asarray ([10., 11], [12, 13], [14, 15])
  • >>> numpy.asarray ([10., 11], [12, 13], [14, 15] ) . shape (3,2)

These is the example to define NumPy interface in python program.

Let’s some more example:

  • >>> a = numpy.asarray [10.0, 11.0, 12.0]
  • >>>b = 2.0
  • >>>a * b
  • array ( [ 11., 13., 15. ] )

This is a resulted of NumPy program. There have multiple different kinds of arrays available for arithmetic expressions for python.

Simple example:

  • >>> a = b + c 

Here, a is represent the value of b and c also. You can use pp function for computation linked to a.

  • >>> from theano import pp
  • >>> print (pp(a))
  • (b + c) 

Note: /* there are so many bold words are available. It indicated the library, method, and function in the python program, and also there used therano word instead of theano word. Because I can not use the main word many times. This is a Google rule. So, sorry about that. */

technology news


Theano is the best deep learning with python library. That main focuses on optimize arithmetic expression, multidimensional arrays using NumPy interface, complex matrix mathematics function, etc.

It is a more powerful library between us for deep learning than other programming languages. So, it may help to create different or complex datasets for training data. You can see here more about theano wiki.

Python has so many well-defined libraries available for complex computation.

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Hosting | CPanel Login And 7 Useful Features For Business Website Fri, 21 Feb 2020 15:55:48 +0000 Read more Hosting | CPanel Login And 7 Useful Features For Business Website]]> Hosting is the server data or domain data that maintaining by the server. Yes, we can say that hosting is the “server”. The best server is much required when we are promoting an online business. 

Also, there are needed the best platform. Because we always desired to save a domain. The domain safety is much important for a business website. Because we can’t get back the same domain when that domain theft.

The online has several kinds of servers like a shared server, cloud server, dedicated server, VPS server (Virtual Private Server), etc.

web hosting

Shared Hosting

The shared server plan is less costly. Because there are many website owners connected to one server. So, price is some less compare to other hosting plans.

But, It’s not good. Because some other connected website issues are may trouble to our website. That can make much risk when that website hacked. So, we need to care for that when we want to go long a website performance. The shared server can be used for blogging.

Cloud Server

The cloud server is some costly than shared hosting plan. That would help to run small business websites like blogging, e-commerce website, etc.

That has too secure than a shared server. Because nobody there is connected. There optimized data randomly. So, it’s difficult for a hacker to know about that data.

Dedicated Server

The dedicated server has connected the less owner. But, the cost of them is much high.

This server may help the medium website owner. That can handle too much complex data. So, we can go with the dedicated server for a medium business like blogging, e-commerce website, dropshipping business, etc.

VPS Server

The VPS is much secured than other plans. Because there have connected only one owner. We can handle large data on the VPS server.

We can use VPS to own any kind of business. So, the VPS plan is better than each hosting. But, this server is much costly.

Worldwide Best Hosting [2020] >>>

it’s all depended on the web hosting company. What kind of service they are selling. So, it’s needed to have known about that company. Some company has shared plan is better than dedicated or VPS plan than other company.

Best Web Hosting For India [2020] >>>

CPanel Login And Their Feature

C-panel is an important part of hosting. especially, when we have used it for the website. There have so many websites related file available such as File Management (FTP folder), Domain Zone, Addon domain, Phpmyadmin folder, Mysql Database, statistics, DNS (Domain Name Server) file, Email setup, Error log, etc.

CPanel Feature

There are so many website security application such as Cloudflare, blog vault, etc.

The C-panel is the best website platform for managing all files.

we can use directly CPanel Login. some hosting package requires username and password which provided by hosting service provider.

CPanel Login

Now, I will share important information about this file. Therefore, you can easily optimize your dashboard. So, be continue

File Management

We can manage website file data in the FTP folder. We can edit, delete, insert, download, upload any file from the FTP folder.

It is useful for website backup, add anything in the website by creating the file. 

FTP folder where website file saved. In there we can manually work.

AddOn The Domain

Many new publishers much confused about the AddOn Domain. We can use AddOn Domain for multiple domain account setup or multiple website account setups.

This is a secondary domain of the main domain or primary domain. For example, We can create multiple domain accounts in the addon domain. 

But, the AddOn Domain is established only in some servers. That may have in like a costly plan.

There has a limitation for the addon domain account. Because Many domains can generate large data. It can trouble to host. So, we can use only 1 or 2 subdomains. 

Php my admin folder

We can use the PHPMyAdmin folder for the database. This is important to change setting such as

Suppose that, when we install new WordPress. Our all file in the wp folder. We changed it in the FTP folder. However, that’s an error show. So, we just need to change the URL from the database.

MySQL database

MySQL is the name of the database. Where we can create a new database and also, essential to add that into config.php file which is located in the FTP folder. Otherwise, the error may occur such as database established connection error.


The statistic is important to see user performance like pageview, country, IP address, city, etc.

We can see session time, a bounce rate in there. So it may help to consider the website performance.

DNS file (Domain Name Server File)

The DNS is saved the important domain data like CNAME, A, NS, AAA, etc. this can help to connect domain with the server.

DNS file is much important to save the domain. Because of that indicates the domain to be connected with the server.

Email Setup

We can create a new email address according to our domain. So, the email setup featured included by the hosting provider. 

We can see the email performance in there. We can use normally that account as Gmail and yahoo account.

You can create multiple email account in this folder. 

Error Log Folder

The error log folder is much important for the website issue and solved it. We can see website errors there.

The error log is too much needed. Because, we have no other option to find out the errors in HTML file, Javascript file, a CSS file, and a PHP file.

Google FAQ Question For This Blog

 Q. 1) What Do You Mean By Hosting?

We can say that hosting is the server. that provides the space for the domain. We can say that hosting manages domain data.

 Q. 2) What Is The Purpose Of Hosting?

The purpose of hosting is that provides the value for the users. Therefore, Users can know about that website.

 Q. 3) What Is Domain And Hosting?

The domain is the IP address that is in character form like The hosting is the Name Servers that connected with the domain via DNS (Domain Name Server).

 Q. 4) What Is The Hosting And Types Of Hosting?

Hosting is managed the domain data online. There have four major types of hosting like shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting.

 Q. 5) What Is The Difference Between Hosting And Domain?

We can say that domain is the identity of the web site, And the hosting is the address of the web site.


The hosting is required for domain. But, also require the best hosting plan. because Bad hosting packages may decrease the website performance especially we had used websites for online business or blogging.

At that time a reliable server package is helpful to consistently improve web performance online. 

Domain and Sever are important for the website. Reliability of both needed.

Also, essential to purchase a domain on a branded platform such as Siteground, HostGator, Bluehost. These are the best platform for domain and host. Because sometimes it may theft if we purchased from the bad platform. You can see here WordPress Hosting.

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What Is Big Data? Why Big Data Is Important? Mon, 17 Feb 2020 16:17:56 +0000 Read more What Is Big Data? Why Big Data Is Important?]]> Big Data is the most important topic across the industry sector for Business purposes. The topmost company focus on big data.

BIg Data

What Is Big Data Analytics

Big Data is the most “hyped” term in the market today. this term often used for related concepts such as Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Mining (DM). Data Mining Is important for keeping data in a safe place like “Data warehouse” by data analytics and data research. that is the data management process.

That is depended on three main characteristics like Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Big Data is not just only volume. which means That involves having a lot of data. That’s coming from a variety of source and also It may have complex data.

That data can be used in various industrial applications by collecting useful data ( That data is helpful for a particular application ).

That is often used relevant data from a variety of datasets to use in any application. It may help the application to make different and add more features.

Volume: This is a large amount of data from the dataset by data analytics and data research.

Velocity: That is the transaction data is coming at great speed on the basis of these data streams.

Variety: data comes from different data sources such as a random format like log data from various applications, structured data such as data table, XML data, unstructured data such as text, image, video stream, audio, and more.

” Big” data is the high variety, high velocity, and high volume related data. that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information process. that enable for decision making, enhance insight, and process automation. “

What Data Are We Discussing About?

The Organization has different transactional data. apart from that, Now day Organizations are capturing additional data from operational at adding fast speed. for some examples here.

Web Data – The web data such as page views, searches, reading reviews, purchasing, etc. This data can help an organization for advertisement, user tracking, etc.

Text Data – The text data is one of the biggest widely applicable data. It is used in email, news, Facebook feeds, documents, etc. that help the organization to extract an input value.

Time And Location Data – The Mobile Phone, Wi-Fi connection and GPS can make time and location for Organization. most organizations used data for selling a product to track user location and time. The time and location are one of the most privacy-sensitive types for big data.

Smart Grid And Sensor Data – Nowadays, sensor data are used for many resources like Camera, Electric Car, any small or big machine, etc. they are collected high frequency or current.

The sensor data provides powerful information on the performance of the engine or machine. That may help the organization in different ways like networking, adding more features, security, etc.

Social Network Data – The social data is much helpful to the organization to track or analyze links in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

How Big Data Different From Traditional Data Source?

There are some important ways their data can be different from the traditional data source.

First, It is a new source of data. for example, most of us have online shopping. we can execute the different transactions for buying products. as the same organization may capture web transactions of us.

However, browser capturing behavior of new data such as customer execute a transaction create fundamentally new data.

Second, structured and unstructured data are coming. Most traditional data sources are structured. structured data can be like receipts from the store, salary slip, accounting information on the spreadsheet. The structured data means we have proof of those things.

Unstructured data means we have no control over its such as Text data, Video data, Audio Data. this data fall into this category.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

The people working for data analytics called “Data Scientist”. The Thomas H. Davenport and D.J Patil toss the sentence of Data Scientist in a Harvard University in 2012.

The working title of Data Scientist is sometimes criticized. Because that lacks specification might be perceived as glorified for the data analyst.

Regardless, the position is having profit with large industries that are interested in deriving from data analysis, and a large amount of structured, unstructured data may produce large enterprises.

The primary distinction found in practice between data scientists and other analytics professional is that data scientist is likely to come from computer science platform to use Hadoop and programming language like Python.

That compared to traditional analytics who are likely to come from statistics, math or operations research background are likely to use relational analytics server information to code In SQL (Structured Query Language).

The Data Scientist is not so much different from a traditional analytics professional where the analytical mindset remains unaltered.

Big Data Analytical Techniques

Most of the wide analytics technique falls into these following categories.

Statistical methods, forecasting, regression analysis

Database querying – it useful for saving user data on the web by SQL (Structured Query Language)

Data warehouse – that important for keeping large data in one place or platform safely.

Machine Learning and Data miningmachine learning is a process of developing any resource. data mining is a method of building new data.

What Is Big Data Concept

That is tangible data for organizations. That enables enhanced relevance, decision making, and process automation.

The three characteristics of big data are there Volume, Velocity, and Variety. The “Big” in big data is not just volume while big data certainly involves having a lot of data.

The “big” data is a variety of different data sources. from where the data comes. that data can be combined with each other. that can be used in various industrial applications. that’s why big data is most useful for organizations or industries.

The “big” data has new data types management due to its high volume, high velocity, and high variety. this new data type management bears the trademark of high scalability, massive parallel, and cost-effective.

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Intel Pentium Processor | 1 Best Intel Vs AMD Sat, 15 Feb 2020 16:29:02 +0000 Read more Intel Pentium Processor | 1 Best Intel Vs AMD]]> Intel Pentium Processor It is the microprocessor that performs many operations to run the computer process. It’s very important for the system process on the computer.

Intel is the main microprocessor company for developing a processor.

This is a technical topic. So, some knowledge may help peoples to understand how the processor does work.

AMD Processor VS Intel

Intel Processor – intel is the main company for the processor. Today, we know that I3, I5, I7, I9 processor have more popular.

Most people used the Intel processor for handling large files like programming. The Intel processor is very costly. Because there are used many features.

AMD Processor – AMD is also an important inbuilt processor company.

Most people used the AMD processor for small files like used for word files or PowerPoint files. where the AMD processor is cheap than Intel. Because there are used fewer features.

But, My experience with AMD has different, I’m personally used AMD (A8-7410) with 2.5 GHz speed and that cost compare to the I3 processor has much low and I3 processor have the same speed. However, It’s much costly.


The Intel Pentium Processor is a 32-bit, superscalar architecture processor with a 64 – bit bus. At some stages inside the chip, it has a 256 – bit bus and has the ability to run almost two instructions per clock cycle.

It has some critical and frequently used instructions hardwired rather than micro-coded which accounts for the CISC-RISC design.

It employs superscalar integer pipelines, branch prediction, and highly pipelined floating-point until to achieve the highest x86 performance level.

While preserving the binary code compatibility with x86 architecture through it was the first one to break the x86 design philosophy (CISC).


The overall organization of the Intel Pentium microprocessor is shown in fig. It has a core execution unit, two integer pipelines, a floating-point pipeline with a dedicated adder, multiplier, and divider.

Intel Pentium Processor

The separate on-chip instruction code and data caches meet the memory demands of the execution units, with a branch target buffer augmenting the instruction cache for dynamic branch prediction.

The external interface includes separate addresses and a 64 – bit data bus.


The integer pipeline of the Intel Pentium processor is simple as compared to the 80486 central processing unit. The pipeline has five stages (prefetch, first decode, the second decode, execute, and write back) with the following functions.

Prefetch (PF): – The prefetch stage prefetches (reading in advance) code from the instruction cache and aligns the code.

First Decode (D1): – In this stage, the CPU decodes the instruction to generate a control word. A single control word executes directly, while the complex instruction requires micro coded control sequence.

Second Decode (D2): – The CPU decodes the control word from the D1 stage for the use of nine the execute stage. In addition, the CPU generates addresses for data reference in the memory.

Execute (E): – The CPU either accesses the data cache or computers the result in the arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) in this stage.

Write Back (WB): – In the last stage, the CPU updates the registers and flags with the instruction results. All exceptions (triggered by some failure, e.g divide by zero) conditions must be resolved before instruction can advance to the WB stage.

Compared with the integer pipeline of the 80486 CPU, the Intel Pentium processor integrates the additional hardware in several instructions. For example, the 80486 CPU requires two clock cycles to decode several instructions.

But the Pentium takes one clock cycle and executes shift the superscale execution (executing more than one instruction at a time) branch prediction, and cache organization.

Super – Scalar Execution – The Intel Pentium Processor CPU has a superscalar organization that enables two instructions to execute in parallel. The ALU functions have been replicated in independent pipelines, called U and V (the pipeline names U and V neither of them was the initials of a functional unit in design partitioning).

In the prefetch (PF) and D1 stages described above, the CPU can fetch the decode two instructions in parallel and issue them to the U and V pipelines. The U and V have separate ALUs.

Additionally, for complex instructions, the CPU in D1 can generate microcode sequences that control both the U and V pipelines.

When a jump instruction is issued to the U pipeline, The CPU in D1 never issues any instruction to the V-pipe, thereby eliminating control dependencies.

The instruction issue algorithm takes control dependency into consideration and issues the instruction as per the algorithm listed below.

Several techniques are used to resolve dependencies between the instructions that might be executed in parallel. Various dependencies associated with the instruction are a resource, data, control, and duplication.

Resource Dependency: It occurs when two instructions require a signal from the functional unit or a data unit.

Data Dependency: It comes when one instruction writes the result that is read or written by another instruction. Consider an example that illustrates this concept.

I1 :    MOV     AX,       BX              # move data from BX location to AX

I2:     MOV     DX,       AX             #move data from AX location to DX

The instructions I1 and I2  cannot be executed in parallel because the result generated by I1 which is in AX registers is referred to as a source operand in the instruction I2. Hence, I1 and I2 cannot be executed in parallel.

Control Dependency: It occurs when the result of one instruction determines whether another instruction has to be executed or not.

Example :

if (condition)  then

I1 :              a <– 100


I2 :              a <– 200

The instruction I1 and I2 cannot be executed in parallel because they have to be executed based on the condition, as they are updating the same memory location.

Short Summary

Intel Pentium Microprocessor – That has a core execution unit and two integer pipelines and floating-point pipeline with a dedicated adder, multiplier, and divider.

The Separate on-chip instruction code and data caches meet the memory demands of the execution units, with a branch target buffer augmenting the instruction cache for dynamic branch prediction.

The external interface includes separate addresses and a 64-bit data bus.

Pipeline – The pipeline has five stages.

They are prefetch, first decode, the second decode, execute, and write back.

The U and V pipeline have separate ALU’s Arithmetic Logic Unit is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication operations.

Data Dependency

Resource Dependency – It occurs when two instructions write the results. that are read or written by another instruction.

Control Dependency – It occurs when the result of one instruction determines whether another instruction has to be executed or not.

Branch Prediction – This is a technique to predict the most likely set of instructions to be executed, and “prefetch” to make them available to the pipelines as and when they are referred.

The Pentium employs a Branch Target Buffer (BTB). which is an associative memory used to improve the performance if it takes the Branch Instructions.

Cache Organization – The Floating point unit supports common functions such as the computationally expensive divide function with hard-wired implementation, speeding up across the board.

Pentium floating-point pipeline consists of eight stages – They are Prefetch, First Decode, Second Decode, Operand Fetch, First Execute, Second Execute, Write Float, Error Reporting.

Register Stack Manipulation – The 8086 floating-point instruction set users the register file as a stack of eight registers. which the top of the stack (TOS) acts as an accumulator of the result.


Intel Pentium Processor is an entry-level processor developed based on X86 architecture like 32 bit is 4GB data or less than 4GB data and 64 bit is 8GB data or More than 8GB data. see more Intel Pentium Processor.

It’s developed in 1993 by Intel’s developed Pentium processor for the microprocessor. It is an Atom and Celeron series processor.

Today we know that we are using I3,  I5, I7, I9 processor for the computer system. It’s a Xeon series processor. The Xeron is much faster than the atom and Celeron. processor.

These all are developed by Intel. we will see more processors in upcoming days. I mean “Intel” in the computer processor. Intel is improving the skill to build a new processor by using the front-end stack developer.

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