Google Assistant | Keeps Popping Up On Android

Google Assistant is used artificial intelligence (AI) technology. that is developed by Google LLC. Now, that is available on PC (Personal Computer), and Mobile Phone.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant History

That is launched on Android phone in 2017 Feb. After, some days later being on iPhone in 2017 May. The Assistant is written in the C++ programming language. It used In Android, IOS (iPhone Operating System), Linux.

That is available in some specific language like English, Hindi, Fench, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, etc. The assistant is a virtual assistant.

It used video screen, smart voice system or speaker, smart display screen. Now, that is used in 100+ countries include 40+ languages.

Google Assistant voice used of American Female (KiKi Baessell). After, 2019 October, Assistant has added optional voice.

Google Assistant is an amazing technology to ask to Google about your question. Assistant will help you to give the answer.

How To Disable Google Assistant Keeps Popping Up

  • At the Bottom Tap On Assistant Icon

google assistant icon

  • Click On Settings

google asistant setting

  • Click On Assistant –> Phone

google assistant settings

  • Turn Off Google Assistant On Android or Disable Google Assistant

turn off google assistant

Google Assistance On PC (Personal Computer)

Download the assistant features with the MEmu android emulator on PC. The Assistant app provides another way to launch assistant. That’s already available on smartphone or mobile phone. Download Google Assistant for PC

Google Assistant On App Or Mobile Phone

Gets The Assistant Features On Free Hand

The Assistant is ready to use anywhere. Manage schedule, get help with every task, control smart-home device, enjoy your entertainment much more.

Play Music And Videos With Your Voice

Find music based on generic, Play with your favorite songs, playlist, podcasts, and music video. Find the best tunes activity like cooking, studying, or working out. You can also skip the songs and adjust the volume.

Stay In Touch With Hand Free Calls, Text And Emails

Assistant makes it faster and easy to use messages, calls, emails, and also useful in sending and receiving messages or emails.

Get Quick Direction And Local Info

Quickly finds answers about business, restaurants, including business hours, traffic information, Google map directions. You can also find the car parks near you and the best restaurants.

Get Convenient Help Throughout The Day

Stay on top of the schedule and manage calendar so that you don’t forget important appointments and meetings also. Set reminders and get alerts so that you can tick off your daily documents.

The Assistant makes help to add items to the shopping list, takes notes, set a timer, and set alarms.

Search the web and get quick answer By Assistant

Find the fast answer to your question while you are out about or at home. Get real-time weather forecast, find the sports score, search the web or get language translations when you are aboard.

Google Question About This Blog

Q. 1) Is Google Assistant Helpful?

Assistant helpful in many ways like to get the answer of the question, to check the weather report of the current time, to get the notification of any important news, to check the daily routine time, etc.

 Q. 2) What Is The Best Assistant For Android?

Assistant app available on android OS.

Q.3) Is Assistant Available For Laptop?

Only one way to use Assistant in PC or Laptop that is MEmu android emulator.

Q. 4) Is Assistant Made Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Yes, Assistant is Used the technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI is the technology.  It is based on programming languages. There’s used C++ programming language for AI.

 Q. 5) What All Can Assistant Do?

Assistant is capable to manage schedule, control home device with assistant features, play music and video with your voice, get quick direction and local information, search the web, etc.


Assistant is much helpful for getting the answer quickly from google search engine. It’s not helpful in one way. That’s helpful for saving time, Alarm alert, show up latest news notification from google, etc.

We can also check out weather reports, some specific country’s time zone, latest activity, etc.

Today, we have many smart watches available on the market. That’s used Assistant feature. It’s more helpful in the gym and other activities. It is much important to save time instead seeing of a mobile phone.

The Assistant is the best success in technology.

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