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IOT | IT Technology With Internet Of Things

IoT is the Internet of Things. That referred to the wireless and wired network used to develop a smart things such a sensor, camera, etc.

Which helpful to us to directly communicate with the others through the Network.

If you want to use smart things like sensor, camera or any smart devices for your home office or business purpose. This article will help you to know  “How Will Internet of things helpful to change environment for your home, office or Business.”

IOT Examples

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Today many things connected to the network and encouraging reduced resource to connect with the Internet Of Things Application. Therefore, we would be more attracted to new things.

Internet of things platform help organizations to reduce the cost of business. Because The selling out the product in internet isn’t more costly. So It’s beneficial for us.

Internet of things application poised to bring the market of the company. Because of the lack of skill the biggest barrier for companies to implement the technology Such as website, mobile application.

Because of Hackers always to find the vulnerability of the system through the Internet connection. So we need to secure a network connection to sell out any product.

Everything has turned into a smart device with the improvement of Internet of Things such as smart home, smart cities. IoT sure to bring the coolness factor to technology.

Today You know that Io T is changed the structure of devices by improving of smart things capabilitiy.

Now, you can see here ‘how iot works and basics about internet of things

IOT Applications


Inter Connectivity

Everything can be connected to the global information with the help of Internet of Things applications.

That used the embedded technology to communicate and interact with the external environment through the Network.


Internet of Things allowed the service of all devices to connected with each other. So we can gather large information on a network and easily transfer any information to others.

That refers to the platform to allow communicating with a wide variety of devices using multiple protocols. It features which allows more devices to reach out to the end-user.

IOT Platform


Control Unit

The Control Unit is consist of memory, register, circuit, input and output devices which helpful to interact with other devices.

That performs various operation on memory such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.

This operation is implemented by the stack operation such as a push and pop operation. That data transferred by BIOS ( Bus Input Output System ) to communicate with other program or data.


Most of the Sensor full in two categories Analog Signal and Digital Signal.

An Analog Signal flows continuous signals that keep the changing over a time period.

Digital Signal is a physical signal that is sampled and quantized. A digital signal is an abstraction which is discrete the time and amplitude.

In a smart city,  sensors and deployments like smart street lights and smart meters. It can help us to monitor the traffic and conserve energy.

Communication Module

A Communication Module Protocol. It’s responsible for communication with the rest of the IOT platform.

Communication models systematically represent the process. Which helps the understanding of “How Communication Works Can Be Done?”

Power Source

Internet of things is a standard protocol and n/w technology protocol such as Low Energy, Bluetooth, Low Energy, Wireless, Low Energy, Radio Protocol, Wi-Fi Direct.

The temperature can adjust automatically. For example, turning the Air Conditioner on sensors that detect the room to flowing the cool wind.

IOT Working

Collect And Transmit The Data

The device can sense the environment and collect the information and transmit to a different device to the internet. Therefore, These devices may connect to other devices to communicate with each other as globally.

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is the main component of Internet of things. which collect data from the environment and transmit data to the sink nodes.

Actual Base Trigger

It can be a program to activate the other devices based on the condition set by the user.

The program data is used in hardware and software and display the result as input and output.

IOT Security And Privacy


Internet of things connect the billions of devices to the internet. So It involved the billions of data point on a network.

There have many websites on the Internet. So the attacks may be possible at some time when we access poor network.

Attackers gained access to the network by exploring to poorly secured IOT devices.

Internet of things devices closely connected. So all hacker may have a target to the vulnerability and manipulate all the data by them self.

Manufacturers that don’t update their devices regularly at all and leave them vulnerable to cybercrime. Therefore, they invite many risks.

For instance, Companies that distribute the product to the consumer. Internet of things Devices obtained the data and sell.

IOT security having facing many issues such as flexibility with other devices and complexity to find the exact solution of data.


Today, Many of the things are going connected globally. So, more people’s connected to more resource of IOT.

Internet of Things def is making possible improve the structure of smart devices.

many of IoT service depended on Artificial Intelligence. Which are improving the smart device development structure.

That service run by the used of many programming languages such as Java, Phyton, etc. So That’s to communicate with other devices as virtually.

It helpful for such as saving time, reduced cost, support for a wide range of data collection, support for the technology.

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