Discussion With iPhone 12 Pro Max And iPhone 12 Pro

Recently Apple launched a new iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro. Most peoples wanted to use the iPhone. Because the iPhone has great features of mobile like an amazing camera, picture quality and high security, etc. So, the iPhone has been more interested in peoples.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

There have many iPhones available on market. iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 have amazing features. Let’s start a discussion about both of these.

Be Continue,

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max both are mostly the same.  

iPhone 12 Pro And iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max
1) 13 mm focal length 1) 13 mm focal length
2) 120  cel. Field of view 2) 120 cel. Field of view
3) F/2.4 aperture 3) F/2.4 aperture
4) 5-elements lens 4) 5 elements lens
5) Lens correction 5) Lens correction
1) 1.4 UM Pixels 1) 1.7 UM Pixels
2) OIS 2) Sensor-Shift OIS
1) 52 mm focal length 1) 65 mm focal length
2) F/2.0 aperture 2) F/2.2 aperture
IPhone 12 Pro has 6.1  Ratina XDR Display IPhone 12 Max Pro has 6.7 Ratina XDR Display

PRO RAW Feature

PRO RAW. Is the best feature for controlling absurd creative images.

PRO RAW gives the standard RAW information for Apple images. So, we can set the head on editing images with noise reduction, multi-frame exposure adjustment, etc. have more time to tweak the color.


iPhone 12 Pro Max has 8 to 10 HDR recording. There used A14 bionic chips with advanced features, 40% more transistors Rev high speed for increasing efficiency of battery life.

Smart HDR technology defines the highlights, shadows at midday. We can see detail in the face the shadows are truly black. Smart HDR is a stable space in any wind Strome situation also. 

Smart HDR uses machine learning for the scene. It can crack the roughness of places on the picture.

 iPhone has a 50% faster CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Giga Processing Unit) than other smartphones. There used 11.8 billion transistors, and 80% faster neural engine, and 16 core neural engine than other mobile phones. 

The iPhone has 70% faster machine learning (ML) accelerators.

LiDAR Technology

There used LiDAR Scanners for taking reflects the lights. That has makes wide maps on your place. NASA has been developing LiDAR technology for mass mission. That appears the deep maps in a nanosecond.

LiDAR makes 27% more lights at night modes.

LiDAR and A14 Bionic can render every pattern and texture through the room.

iPhone Pro camera system makes 47% larger sensor and pixels for increasing the light on wide camera. iPhone has a 65-millimeter telephoto camera. 

iPhone 12 Pro has booted deep fusion in law to mid light screens. 

Machine Learning on iPhone 12 Pro is a better spending task in the background. 

iPhone has 2.5x optical zoom on the 65-millimeter telephonic camera. 

Turbo Charge

Magnets’ alignment of themselves is perfectly faster every moment at wireless charging.

Turbo Charger

iPhone 12 Pro sends 4G LTE speeds up to 2 Gbps (GigaByte Per Second). So, we can download any image, software, high-quality video in HD format, documents in a few seconds. It has 32 LTE bands that mostly the same as other smartphones. So, we can get faster speed at any place in the world.

iPhone 14 IOS has placed the right value of us as what we want. iPhone has protected our information at any place. Face ID can get much secured than Other Smart Phone. IOS provides the privacy setting while we download & install any apps. iPhone never is backed up to iCloud. 

There established the power adaptor, Earpods, Connectors with USB to lighting cables. The iPhone avoids carbon emission and mining to use of precious material. 

They are transitioning themselves manufacturing partner to renewable energy as well. These’re over 2 million metric tons of carbon eliminates yearly.

We can use USB-A lighting cable to charge the new iPhone. We can take advantage of USB-C for faster charging.

iPhone 12 Pro ANd iPhone 12 Pro Max Environments

Double The Starting Storage

– iPhone 12 has 128 GB storage for photos, images, videos, or documents.

More Shorts

– iPhone adapts faster processing speed. So, we can capture the action.

Dolby Atoms with Partial audio

– Sound or voice in 3D space. So, we can hear a better voice.

Have Dual Sim with ESim

– We have a personal identification number and business number on each sim.

Recycled Rare Earth Elements

– iPhone includes recycling rare elements in magnet. Including those in MagSafe accessories.

Made With Better Materials

– 100% recycled tungsten in the taptic engine, representing 99% in the device.

– 100% recycled rare elements in magnets, representing 98% rare elements in the device

– Used 30% more recycled plastic in multiple components. 

Responsible Packaging

– 100% virgin wood fiber comes from responsibly managed forests

– Recyclable, majority fiber packaging 

Smarter Chemistry

– Arsenic-free display glass

– Free Mercury

Apple and Environment

– Apple’s committed that they no used any single product from earth.

Google FAQ Question For iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#0e0e0e” radius=”4″] Q. 1) What Is the total iPhone 12 pro price in the US and India?

Ans. The iPhone 12 Pro in US has been $999 to $1099 (128 GB) And iPhone 12 Pro Price in india has been 1,19,900 Rs (128 GB).[/su_note]  

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#0e0e0e” radius=”4″] Q. 2) What is the total iPhone 12 pro max price in the US and India?

Ans. The iPhone 12 PRO Max in the US has been $1099 and iPhone 12 Pro max price in India has been 1,39,000 Rs.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#0e0e0e” radius=”4″] Q. 3) Is iPhone 12 Pro Max Better than iPhone 12 Pro?

Ans. Definitely, iPhone 12 Pro max has High Display Retina Screen, 65 mm focal length, 1.7 UM Pixels. iPhone 12 Pro max is better than iPhone 12 Pro in these areas.[/su_note]  

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#0e0e0e” radius=”4″] Q. 4) Which Color Is Best For iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Ans. The iPhone 12 Pro Max available in multiple colors in the marketplace like gold, black, silver, etc.[/su_note]


iPhone is more popular in the world today. Most peoples want the iPhone to use. There have very interesting features added that make it amazing to all of us.

 iPhone has been most popular by high-quality pictures and videos. There are used HD camera that makes beautiful picture quality. 

And iPhone looks up has been amazing. That’s why many peoples like it. 

iPhone has well-defined privacy than other smartphones.  

Steve Jobs started the Apple company for selling out the iPhones. In April 1976. After, the company was developed gradually. Today, Apple has been a top industry in mobile development.  

In 2020. Apple has gathered 26.44 billion US dollars by selling iPhones. In 2019, The company has sold 36.4 million iPhones worldwide. 

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