Single Source Technologies (SST)

Single Source Technologies (SST) emerges as the key concept of electronics manufacturing, medical device production, Metalworking. They offer many resources and tools such as machine instruments, electronics products and medical products.

This comprehensive guide will explore you into the world of Single Source Technologies (SST), their core principles  and providers from specific locations.

What is the concept of Single Source Technologies?

SST obtains all the necessary equipment, parts and services from specific vendors. These vendors are responsible for supplying the technology, technical support for smooth operation.

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Benefits of Single Source Technologies

Simplified Procurement: Dealing with vendors for all manufacturing needs, SST eliminates the hassle of sourcing components and negotiating with multiple suppliers.

Enhanced efficiency: They have streamlined communications for all requirements and through this, they make a more efficient workflow.  Troubleshooting becomes faster as the vendor holds comprehensive understanding for the entire system.

Improved Productivity:  With their streamlined processes and available support, the production downtime is minimized. This increases the output of overall productivity.

Reduced Costs: Integrated purchasing powers through SST can take potential cost savings on equipment and maintenance services. The streamlined communication can minimize administrative expenses.

Standardized Operations: Sourcing resources from a single vendor fosters consistency to make equipment. This standardization ensures expected performance and simplifies quality control procedures.

Expert support: SST provider collects in-depth knowledge of the technologies as they offer. Through this, they make strong technical support and ensure expertise on maintaining optimal performance. 

Applications of Single Source Technologies

SST proves significant advantageous in industries that work on specialised equipment and processes. you can consider below some examples:

Metalworking: SST provides instruments of machine and fabrication facilities, streaming the acquisition of CNC machines, cutting tools and maintenance services.

Electronic Manufacturing: Soldering tools, electronic machines, Spare parts and cleaning solutions can become procured through a single SST vendor in the company.

Medical device production: The strong quality control requirements in medical device manufacturing make SST an attractive option. Sourcing all resources and consumables from quality vendors ensures adherence to regulations with consistency.

Makino Single Source Technologies

Makino is a renowned manufacturer of high precision metal cutting  and electrical  discharge machining machinery. They offer a robust SST program known as Makino SST Consumables. Through this program, Makino customers get access to comprehensive section of:

EDM Consumables: This includes EDM wire, Filter, Wear parts, Fluids, Lubricants and Electrodes. All are essential for optimal EDM operation.

Turnkey Application Solution: Makino SST providing expert guidance and support to customers in their EDM processes for specific applications.

Technical Services: They incorporate with customers for technical support and ensure they have access to the expertise they need to maintain their Makino machines and achieve peak performance.

By leveraging Makino SST Consumables, Customers can benefit from a streamlined approach to managing their EDM operations. 

Examples of SST providers by Location

While we previously explored the limitations of finding companies with the exact name “Single Source Technologies” in specific locations. you can read here some alternative approaches to identify potential SST providers based on region:   

Single Source Technologies Canada

Regional Industrial Equipment Distributors: Reputable distributors specializing in the equipment and consumables as customers require. Many distributors offer comprehensive solutions that align with the principles of SST.

Industry Association: They are connected with many associations industry to manufacturing sector such as Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) OR Association specific industry (Canadian Tooling Manufactures Association for Metalworking). These organizations often maintain directories of recommended suppliers including those offering SST like services.

Online Resources: You can utilize online directories like “Canada Manufacturing Magazine’s Supply Chain Directory” or “Plant & Equipment Maintenance Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide to search for industrial equipment suppliers within Canada. You can filter results based on location and service offerings, assisting you identify potential SST providers.

Single Source Technologies new Britain CT

Local Industrial Supplier:  If you are looking for established industrial equipment distributors and machinery suppliers in the New Britain Area. Contact these companies to inquire about their service offerings. Distributors provide a significant portion of the benefits associated with SST.

Networking with Local Manufactures: Connect with other manufacturers in New Britain area. They might be able to recommend reliable SST providers based on their own experiences. Local industry events or online forums can become valuable resources for networking.  

Search for Regional Distributors of Major Brands: If you rely on specific equipment brands for your production, research their authorized distributors in the New Britain area. These distributors often offer comprehensive solutions for the equipment they represent including consumables, technical support, and training, which aligns with core SST principles. 

Single Source Technologies Auburn Hills Mi

Proximity to Major Industrial Hubs: Given Auburn Hills’ location within the Detroit metropolitan area is a major industrial hub. You have access to a vast network of potential SST providers. Utilize online directories like “IndustryNet” or “Machinery Marketplace” to search for industrial equipment suppliers within the Detroit area. Filter results based on your specific needs and location.

Investigate Makino SST: While Makino itself might not have a physical location specifically in Auburn Hills. Their SST program and Makino SST Consumables could become a valuable option depending on your requirements in the metalworking industry. Consider contacting them to see if their program can cater to your needs even if you’re located in Auburn Hills.

Explore National Distributors with Local Presence: Research national industrial distributors like MSC Industrial Supply, Grainger, or Fastenal Company. These companies often have branch offices or distribution centers in strategic locations across the US including Michigan. Explore their websites or contact them directly to see if they offer SST programs suitable for your needs in Auburn Hills.


By embracing Single Source Technologies, you invest in streamlining your manufacturing operations. From simplified procurement and enhanced efficiency to cost savings and expert support, SST offers numerous advantages.

By carefully evaluating potential vendors and considering factors like industry focus, product portfolio, support quality, and scalability, you can leverage SST to gain a competitive edge and drive successful production.

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