What is TCP(Transmission Control Protocol)-Definition

Internet is consist of one or more host. When we share information on the internet the browser automatically sends the data to others hosts By TCP and UDP protocol, By this way we connected to each other.

All users are connected from one host, By this way we can access other host.

TCP-UDP Connection From Client to Server

Those hosts transmitted by many layers such as a physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer, application layer, etc.

Those layers have consisted into one category that’s called TCP or UDP protocol.

Work of TCP and UDP is same but both are different to send and receive information from one host to other hosts.

transmission control protocol tcp

Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol is the set the connection between two devices when the UDP sends the data by TCP connection.

It’s essential to knowing of TCP and UDP weather we having felt of How We’re Communicating With Each Other Through The Network.

Internet is consisted of one to many hosts, Thus we’re connected with each other as globally.

But some time hosts may not connect with each other due to long distance. So, require high internet speed for communication.

The high-speed network makes easy to those issues to be solved. Because of high-speed network connection is very fast whether hosts are very long.

TCP and UDP makes possible the all process by internet connection. Because They’re connected the devices to the network. So we maintain the information on internet

Internet connection has many ways to communicate such as LAN, MAN, and WAN. you can see about these in the previous session.

Now, We will cover all the major information. ‘How Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram Protocol Do Work In An Internet’ and ‘How We Are Sent Messages To Each Other’. So let be stay with us.

How Messages Transferred From One Device To Another Device ?

You know that the device has various protocol. when the message sent from one device to other devices. The TCP’s relies on the end-to-end connection between two devices.

The port number identifies the server to where to place a process. Then, UDP protocol sends the packet from Control Protocol Socket.


 When one client sends a message to other clients. the message going from one host server, Then It delivers to another host server. After, the message is reachable to the client.

This way, messages are delivered from one user to other users.


Transmission Control Protocol

TCP is a transmission control protocol or internet protocol. This Protocol shared information by socket from one to another. The TCP’s send and receive data from the host. But Transmission Control Protocol has a small packet to shared.

The TCP/IP protocol specifies the format of a segment and acknowledge. that has two machines for reliable segment transfer to machine uses to ensure that the data reached the method.

So The TCP/IP’s used to identify a process on a given machine for communicating.


The Transmission Control Protocol is connection oriented. Because the two TCP’s at the sender and receiver over a network must set up a virtual connection between them to send and receive segments.

Virtual connection in TCP/IP implies that the previous segment transferred is related to the next segment between a sender and a receiver by including the following steps.

1) It keeps track of segments received at a receiver and re-ordered them. that segments are spent by a sender. If the Transmission Control Protocol at the sender finds last segments it re-transmits such as segments to the receiver.

2) The segments of data are interchanged between the two Transmission Control Protocol.

3) The virtual connection set up between the two TCP’s closed the format of the header of a segment includes source part, destination part, sequence, number acknowledgment number, flags, windows size checksum, and urgent pointer.

Now, We will see ‘What Work Of UDP? Why It is important?

User Datagram Protocol

UDP provides transmission of a message taken to process on a host machine.

This process is on other machines of a datagram. This process sends by the sender to a receiver using UDP.

So It’s requires minimum network resources for transfer through the network.

That’s why Delivered using UDP may be lost to order. Therefore you can’t rely on the datagram transferred by UDP. So we need a TCP connection.


It provides a basic function needed for end-to-end transmission of data. It does not provide any sequencing or re-ordering function.

Packet produced at the transport layer by UDP is called user datagram protocol.

UDP is faster than Transmission Control Protocol.

UDP contains the only checksum: It does not contain sequencing number for a particular data segment.

That is a connectionless protocol. Because UDP does access a large packet. So some time packet can be lost at processing.

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