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What are Rare Earth Elements inside Your phone?

Your phone consists of precious elements and metals. These are important things in every smartphone to use – and these could endanger global climate aims.

smartphone parts inside

The smartphone contains around 30 different chemical elements and metals including aluminum, copper, silver, lithium and some gold. They have also used rare earth elements that are essential for renewable energy application and wide ranging technical solutions.

Many smartphone users are unaware about this. especially Apple’s iPhone uses REE or rare earth elements without knowing users. these’re hidden for common personal electronic integration. If you are using an iPhone mobile, the rare earth elements including lanthanum helps make vivid color pop cosmetic. dysprosium and neodymium are helping smartphones to vibrate among other peoples.

rare earth elements

In electric car vehicles, magnets are used to give power to the Vehicle. dependent heavily on REE like neodymium. These metals needed to develop any smartphone inside other electronics are at risk due to shortage of REE on global. the world transitions to a new economy. A shortage of metal is an important piece of the complication in accelerating the green shifts.

Tech Analysis Recherers are continuing to hang alarm bells over smartphones for contributing to the shortage of rare earth elements (REE). even though these are available in all electronics fields.

In 2022, European chemical social statement said that usage of sevan earth elements in smartphones (silver, indium, arsenic, carbon, tantalum, yttrium, gallium) will cause serious problems in the upcoming next 100 years.

Cole Hamilton has said earlier in a statement, “That’s surprising, everything is building or developing from 90 blocks, the 90 naturally poses chemical elements.”

The high cost of iPhone production

Despite The shortage of raw material, many iPhone are sold daily – and the influence of Apple’s iPhone product isn’t diminishing by any. The iPhone had successfully delivered in the quarter of September. producing around $42.6 billion revenue, or almost Apple’s iPhone overall quarter revenue of $90.1 billion.

We saw a huge sales collection of the iPhone in the recent last quarter. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are minimally upgraded. This data was noted by CNET managing editor Patrick Holland. the iPhone changes “small mostly in over one-year upgrade period in Apple history.” However, sales collection boosted by simply people changing old models.

Whatever the reason is, environmentalists question the necessity of changing smartphones every year at a given price. which includes pollution extraction of shortage raw materials and embedded carbon released in the environment.

A tentative, smartphone flows most of carbon at the starting stage (manufacturing stage) of its lifestyle. Apple says the iPhone flows around 65 to 116 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the environment at the production stage, which includes transportation, production and extraction of raw materials.

That means the production of the iPhone is the intensive phase of its lifestyle: use, transport and end life, still makes a significant impact.

This is not enough only for the iPhone. Google’s pixel smartphone produces around 84% emission carbon during the manufacturing process. an environmental advocacy group points out this issue.

Rare earth minerals

Neodymium and dysprosium are important elements to make required parts in smartphones like iPhone or cars like Tesla.

In smartphones, the mass of the device comprises only one fraction. still the rare earth elements are mining lucrative and massive global business. high tech devices like smartphones, needed the conductive minerals and magnetic properties to make parts of them by cutting edge.

Rare earth minerals

Statistics says, the number of smartphone subscriptions have exceeded 6 billion worldwide. The number of smartphone manufacturing projects is also expanding in upcoming years.

Until the shortage of raw material to survive by smartphone manufacturers, the importance of these minerals exceeds near tech hubs in San Francisco, China and Korea.

According to a report by the International Energy Agency, the world will continue to face this challenge until there is an increasing supply of rare earths (like copper, lithium and cobalt). These things are almost included in every electronics like electric vehicle, wind turbines, which are necessary for a clean energy transition.

European commissioner, Thierry Breton has wrote important post on LinkedIn, “Lithium and rare elements will be important than oil and gas.”

China produces majority of rare earth elements word’s supply, has troubled due to toxic contamination of water and soil.

The majority of old smartphones are not recycled. By e-waste recycling, the green metal that is mostly used in every smartphone can be recovered once of their end life as experts say.

Cole-Hamilton said, “our purpose should be to get a longer smartphone. If something happens, it can be repaired or thrown to the company for recycling.”

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