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EV is the commercial electric vehicles. It’s a modern technology development. electric vehicle is getting better. But there have some issues.

There has no well charging station and made issue of battery charging on ev stations. that’s report declared by car marketing research company J.D.Power

Recently, one incident has happened that new electric vehicle is not able to saved battery before full charging. It can trouble to cut off long distance. 

According to recent survey, 11,554 have quizzed about public ev battery charging stations – issued both with level 2 battery charger and DC (direct current) battery charger.

J.D Power executive director, Brent Gruber has said that current state of public charging station really not good yet. however, last year growth of ev vehicles had higher.

What does ev stands for?

EV stands an electric vehicles. that can helpful in many ways especially in fuel price. we understand that fuel price has increasing. so, electric vehicles can be effective to reduce some costs. however, new electric vehicles has issued some while driving long distance. electric vehicle battery is not able to drive long distance. however, that’s OK for short traveling.

What is ev mode?

new electric vehicle includes “ev mode” button near gear shift. It’s used for parking brake. that can help to covered vehicles in exact area.

What is ev mode

EV mode button is pulled the required power from battery life. this is an essential for effective vehicle driving. At the point when the batteries are appropriately charged and you’re going sluggish, driving in this mode is conceivable. Then, at that point, when you demand power past a specific level or your speed it’s too high, the EV mode withdraws and an admonition message shows up on screen… That is OK,

That’s same thing happens – when you’re slow down, ev mode goes away. If you push again too hard to increase high speed. that starts the engine. we can used the ev mode button at high speed. It can help to control vehicles especially at highway.

What is ev mode prius?

EV and Power mode (Eco method obviously). Power mode appears to request a greater amount of the vehicle to drive it. Also, EV mode utilizes more battery than expected.
Power mode is not harder on system in sense of It’s design space.

What is ev mode prius

Power mode makes different ev accelerator and indicate to the computer to stay more battery power on reverse gear. that can hurt your MPG. But it can’t damage the vehicle.


Electric vehicle is the modern technology development. that can help to reduce some cost and time as well.

EV is the smart system vehicle to give command using computer codes to run excellent driving. there has many key features in this smart electric vehicle like ev mode is best feature to keep parking vehicle in exact area.

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