What Is WordPress? Create A Beautiful Blog

WordPress is helpful to you to develop a wordpress blog for business or making online money. Because of there has so many plugin available. that will help you to easily customized and many of things to maintain as easy as possible.

I will describes step by step process. Therefore, It will help you to improve an SEO ranking for your WordPress web blog. So, Be continue with us.

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1) Select One Niche About Blog

Remember one thing, not be select multiple niches for your blog web site. Because Multiple niches blog wordpress web site is very difficult to rank on the first page so my way selects your best one niche in which you are professional such as investment, health, etc.


For Better SEO ranking niche is an important factor if your blog to health and investment, These have the high CPC(click per cost) rate. But In this niche, competition is very high. So Low Competition is better for quick ranking in SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

But It all depends on you which marketing strategy has you. The niche combines two elements like who is your target market and what the solution you provide for them.

Niche Marketing is referred to as marketing a distinct and specified realization that you focus on the market.  So you will be able to attract and target the really interested reader, viewer, and buyer.

2) Use Keyword Research Tool

There are free and premium tools available for keyword research. The Keyword Research tool is important for cracking, Therefore, you can upgrade your SEO ranking.

My way go for premium tools. That will much help you to upgrade your SEO ranking. If you can not effort money for premium tools then you can use free tools for SEO ranking.

keyword research

There are so many best keyword research tools available in the market place such as Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, Kwfinder, Semrush, Keywordtool.io, Amazon keyword tool, Wordtracker, etc

The keyword is to find an actual search term that the people enter into the search engine. So knowledge about the actual search can help to inform about content strategy, marketing strategy.

3) Select Responsible Themes For a Blog

Choose the Best themes accordingly of your marketing strategy. The Well-Customized themes will help you to gives a useful audience and also improve your SEO ranking.

Many People is overwhelming when that’s come to select a theme. there have thousands of themes in the market place and each theme is better for wordpress site. So Importantly select best responsible themes can easily be managed in a blog site.

select responsible themes

Otherwise, you can pay to the developer to make a responsible theme. They will build theme accordingly of your market strategy.

Select mobile friendly wordpress themes. Because 90% of people use mobile for internet only 10% of people use PC or Laptop. So the responsible theme is very important for SEO and approval of Google Adsense.

All wordpress themes are already responsible, Therefore the theme is automatically resized at a user’s activity.

4) Write a Blog and Post It

Before starting the blog post, To search keyword for a blog post. Many People have found the best keyword for coming up more traffic on a web page.

Content is much important part of the blog. So needed quality content. Thus, you can generate organic traffic. Because one good blog WordPress site needed good content for customer satisfaction.

content writing

Write a post in long like 1000-1500 words may effective for a good customer to reading and 15-20 blog post required for improved SEO ranking on a web site blog.

And also quality grammar may affect your post. Because any users want special content to reading the post do not use the copied blog post. Because Google denied the copied post. By that, you can lose traffic at Google SEO ranking.

Use Image to Impress customer behavior and put some image on a post. But too much image not well for SEO.

5) Use Various Plugin In Your WordPress Site

In The wordpress blog, there are many free and premium plugin. Activate useful plugin for your blog. So you can get easy customization to your blog.

If you want secured wordpress site, you can use Wordfence plugin for server and file security.


you can use the i-theme plugin for change URL setting and secured database file. Otherwise, There a more free plugin available for wordpress site. you can manage it without effort. you can see here about more security.
how to protect our wordpress sites blog from hacking?

If you want a fully customized wordpress site. there has quality featured plugin. But some plugin is required to paid money. It would secure a blog at the online platform.

If you are a developer, you can build a new plugin as per your requirement. So you can make safer your web site.

6) Use Yoast Plugin For Better SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Yoast is the best plugin for optimizing your site in Google, Bing, Yandex, It will provide fully SEO for your particular blog. So install the Yoast plugin and activate it.

The Best thing in Yoast plugin, you can easily manage sitemap as safely. and also you can optimize your post using searching keyword research. This plugin is controlled your site in SEO ranking.

Yoast Plugin

The Yoast plugin is free and premium available in the wordpress dashboard. If you have enough budget, Then you can choose a premium plugin. The Premium plugin will help you to control SEO.

You can analyze the readability and calculate the reading score. It avoids duplicate content. It confirmed rolled out the robot.txt file, .htaccess file, permalink URL within your web site.


One Good Blog web site is important for generating passive income. It matters on the Good wordpress blog is very effective for monitorization and customization.

Blog Web site will help you to grow income at anywhere. It will affect to the organic traffic and genuine customer to find out.

You can search more about Well dessigned web site, Therefore you can reach till success as quickly.

But Successful does not come easy. So need to patience and hard work continuously and also important is focusing on content. Because content is much important for your site to makes as successful. So execution and execution are important.

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