10 Best WordPress Security Plugin To Lock Out

WordPress security required when we creating the own wordpress website. Because, much time data may be theft by the hacker. So, importantly required the secured connection for a particular blog.

I will describe you about “What are the best WordPress security plugins?. It will help you for much security for your website. So, stay with us.

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Best Free WordPress Security

Wordfence WordPress Security

Wordfense plugin is to protect your server files as well as javascript and HTML files. The hacker may mostly target to the server. So, importantly we have to secure the server.

Wordfence is the best plugin to secure your .http file, javascript file, and HTML file. You can see here about ‘What Is The HTML and Javascript file?’

Wordfence Plugin

Another way, you can buy tools which are available online. The best thing of world fence is a free plugin. You can install it and then active that plugin for your blog.

Word fence plugin especially is a firewall to WordPress. It prevents vulnerability on your site and protects the source code of your site.

Ithemes Security Plugin

I-Themes plugin protects your database file as well as wp-login URL. The hacker may be aiming to your SQL file(database file), also URL to be changed out.

So, importantly i-themes plugin can help you against SQL injection attack.

iThemes Plugin

It’s free tools and very effective tools. But you know free tools are not more secured whether you want much security. So, To buy secured tools which will help you to be more profitable.

I-themes plugin to help you to protect the wordpress admin and lock down it.

That has featured like two-factor authentication, malware scanning, password expiration, google re-captcha, etc.

I-themes can brute force attack to prevent by banning user who has tried to break into your site. That automatically block the IP address who are attempting for vulnerability.

XSS WordPress Security

Xss plugin will helpful to content be safe. That plugin to protect your content or blog at online. So, importantly active XSS plugin to see your blog as safe.

That will maintain text data, audio or video file, image while you having shared a blog for SEO ranking.

XSS Plugin is safe $_GET and $_POST method into HTML files (which sends the request from the client to server).

GET method is saved data of HTML files into URL when the POST method is directed saved into the server.

It prevents bugs from the site and secured the vulnerability of URL.

Make Password As Long With Different Character

If your password has 8-10 character, 1-2 symbols, 1-2 alphabet, and 1-2 numeric number then you have much stronger password available.

One good password isn’t read easily by anyone. So, make a different password on the dashboard while log-in.

To enforce strong password. I-theme plugin can help to you for password expiration, get password security, generate a strong password.

You can enable the i-theme plugin on your dashboard for much security of the password.

Remove Registered Email And Login With Another Email

Be login with a new administrative account. Because of the registered account not much safe.

Much time, online data not be secured. So, many people’s access data from the database. It’s much secured than online entry.

The registered account is not much secured than adding a new account. So, importantly add a new administrative account on a dashboard.

Update All Plugin And WordPress Regularly

Continuously to update the plugin whenever Updation is available. Because when you apply for updating your site data changed at a time. So, updating is important for protecting a site or blog data.

It occurred confusion for a hacker. Because much time hacker targeted to past data.

Updating improved the web site to be much secured and also important to live a web site as a long.

Take a Backed Up every week

Backed up is very important for your wordpress blog or web site. Because you can re-apply your data while your site is to be hacked.

You can use free plugin otherwise you can directly back up from hosting or server data.

It essential while site data is invisible or error at living and helpful to you for any issues of the particular web site.

Disable Themes Editor From Dashboard

Some time hacker tries to achieve site data. Because of most time hackers tries to the gateway of a web site.

Site data should be secured. Because many time hacker might be using some malicious objective. Therefore, they can hack your site.

You can use the code for disallowing the gateway of your web site.

Use Plugin For Cookies Security

Many sites hacked by cookie. Because a hacker can use browser data to accessing. So, importantly clear all browsing data when you prompt a web site online.

However, if you want cookies for your blog or web site. You can use a various plugin for protecting your browser data.

Cookies make easy of searching for the user. So, security needed to cookies data.

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal is the best antivirus software. There have very good features available. You can use one month free trial for secured your accessibility. That will help you to the online activity of you.

Quick Heal Antivirus

That will provide notification if you are in danger zone and protect your data at where.

It provides more secure than another antivirus for pc or laptop. Because It has more feature than others such as safe banking service, malware protection.


WordPress security so needed. Because of much time web site may be invisible by lost data or hacked data. So, must have decent information for wordpress security.

We described all major step is important to be a web site secured at the online platform.

WordPress security plugins is much important to any stage. Because user’s want secured stage.

But some time due to high security the load time of web site is decreasing and many issues occurred to be there. So, strong and less security is to be very profitable.

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