Google Assistant Keeps Popping Up | New Update…

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is used artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by Google.  That is available on Computer (Personal Computer), Mobile Phone. Google Assistant is being in may 2016 as part of Messaging App “ALLO”. After, Google updated many new in this app. Recently, Google has changed the name as “Google Assistant” instead of ALLO. Google Assistant … Read more

Smart Watch | Kids Smart Watches On Amazon

Smart Watch

Smart Watch designed to help us achieve coolness while tracking fitness records, getting health check records. It helps us in more ways like sleeping time, follow up the daily routine, working time, traveled distance, etc. We can check out how many calories we burned by our athletic activity. It takes measure more than as we … Read more

Razer keyboards – everything to know in detail

Razer keyboards

Razer is one best premium keyboards company for computer gaming. It has all similar sized keys features. that’s more powerful mechanical key switches. There have many demands of razer keyboards especially for fastest speed and typing experience. Razer is software and hardware based company. But, company are selling more keywords and hardware parts online. There … Read more

Software Project Management – A Best Guide

software project management

Software Project Management is a well-defined task, which is a collection of several operations to be done in order to achieve a target (for example, software development and delivery). a project can be classified as: Project Management service managed by the project managers. They allowed the service like planning, scheduling, resource allocation, execution, tracking for software development. … Read more

Upcoming… Apple M2 unveiled with Mac Book Air

mac book

Apple has launched new mac book air next month will appear among us. In which they have used incredible new hardware setup. that has fastest processing than M1 CPU (Control Processing Unit). New M2 Hardware CPU Apple unveiled new hardware M2 with unbelievable hardware chips are fastest than others processing units like M1. It is … Read more

A DBMS Makes The : Collection Of Data Set Of Program

database management system

A DBMS makes the collection of data or a set of programs to manipulate data stored in a database. that’s called database management system or DBMS. A database management system provides basic functionalities like storage manipulation or user of data. There are four major components of the database management system which form of the database … Read more

a phishing attack “poisons” a domain name on a domain name server

a phishing attack "poisons" a domain name on a domain name server

A phishing attack has been often issues for internet users. That attack often appears in online now a day. You can see this tutorial to be safe from this attack. Let be follow me to know more about it!  The Attacker’s try to theft the useful information of users in online like name, location, credit … Read more

Quality Function Deployment : Customer Needs

Quality Function Deployment | QFD

QFD stands for Quality Function Deployment. It is to ensure the customer requirement for product development. It’s a process done by the descriptors throughout each stage of product development. Therefore, customer demands are exceeding for maintaining or improving product performance. 21st-century Companies are growing to enterprises the needed innovation to create for the market place. Be … Read more

Artificial Intelligence In Medical | 1 Best Diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence Medical diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence In Medical– Artificial Intelligence is much helpful for developing more resources in medical field by various AI technology. We know that technology is growing today So it’s more important to get learn about it. this blog will helps you to get more information about artificial intelligence. Technology is a blessing that none can … Read more