Lap DAT Camera SLS Telecom Features, Profit, Installation, Price


In today’s security-conscious world, video surveillance plays a crucial role in safeguarding homes, businesses, and public spaces. The Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom emerges as a compelling option, offering a feature-rich package at an attractive price point.

This comprehensive guide delves into the camera’s capabilities, highlights its benefits, and explores its pricing and availability.

Key Features

High-Definition ResolutionCapture crystal-clear visuals with resolutions ranging from 720p to 4K, ensuring accurate identification of details even in challenging lighting conditions.
Wide Field of ViewEnjoy expansive coverage with viewing angles up to 90 degrees, minimizing blind spots and maximizing monitoring efficiency.
Night VisionMaintain vigilance even in low-light environments with advanced night vision technology, offering clear images up to 30 meters.
Motion DetectionReceive instant alerts and recordings triggered by motion events, allowing for proactive response and security measures.
Two-Way AudioEngage in real-time conversations with visitors or intruders remotely using the built-in two-way audio functionality.
Weatherproof DesignHarsh weather conditions like rain, dust, and snow thanks to the durable and weatherproof casing, ensuring year-round operation.
Remote Pan/Tilt/ZoomAdjust the camera’s viewing angle remotely via the user-friendly app or web interface, providing comprehensive monitoring of wider areas.
Wireless or Wired ConnectivityChoose between Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection for flexible installation options and network adaptability.
MicroSD Card StorageStore recorded footage locally on a microSD card (up to 128GB supported) for secure and readily accessible data.
Cloud Storage CompatibilityEnjoy additional storage options and remote access to recordings through compatible cloud storage services.
Mobile App and Web InterfaceManage your camera settings, view live footage, and access recordings from anywhere using the intuitive mobile app or web interface.

Benefits and Value Proposition

  • Enhanced Security: Deter potential intruders and proactively monitor your property with the camera’s advanced features, providing peace of mind and improved security.
  • Remote Monitoring: Keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere in the world using the mobile app or web interface, ensuring real-time awareness and control.
  • Increased Productivity: Monitor business operations remotely, optimize workflow, and address potential issues promptly with the camera’s features.
  • Weatherproof Reliability: Ensure uninterrupted operation throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions, thanks to the durable design.
  • Flexible Installation: Choose between wired or wireless connections for seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure.
  • Scalable Storage: Expand storage capacity with microSD cards or leverage cloud storage options for convenient access and backup.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Manage your camera easily using the intuitive mobile app and web interface, even for users with limited technical expertise.

Pricing and Availability

The Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom is available at a competitive price, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers seeking a feature-rich security solution. Pricing may vary depending on the retailer and chosen configuration (resolution, storage options, etc.). It’s readily available online and through select brick-and-mortar stores.

Lap DAT Camera SLS Telecom Installation Steps

You can follow the important steps below to get the full installation process of Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom.

Physical Installation

  1. Mounting Preparation:
    • Choose a suitable location with optimal viewing angle, lighting, and power accessibility.
    • Consider any drilling or wall-mounting requirements based on the chosen location.
  2. Camera Mounting:
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for secure mounting using the provided screws or brackets.
    • Ensure proper cable management to avoid damage or tripping hazards.
  3. Power Connection:
    • Connect the camera to the power outlet using the supplied adapter or PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector if applicable.
    • Ensure a secure and stable connection.

Cable Connection

  1. Network Connection:
    • Choose between a wired Ethernet connection using an RJ45 cable or Wi-Fi connection.
    • For Wi-Fi, follow the camera’s instructions to enter your network credentials securely.
  2. Additional Connections:
    • If using microSD card storage, insert the card into the designated slot.
    • Connect any other necessary cables for external speakers, microphones, or alarm systems (if applicable).

Software Installation and Configuration

  1. Download and Install Software:
    • If required, download and install the dedicated software from the manufacturer’s website.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions for installation.
  2. Launch and Configure Software:
    • Launch the software and establish a connection with the camera.
    • Configure settings like resolution, recording schedule, motion detection, privacy zones, and user accounts.
    • Set strong passwords and enable security features to protect access.


The Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom offers a compelling blend of features, benefits, and affordability, making it a strong contender in the camera market. Its high-definition resolution, night vision, weatherproof design, and remote monitoring capabilities cater to diverse user needs.

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to secure your property or a business owner aiming to enhance security and operations, the Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom deserves serious consideration.

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